What to Wear with Boyfriend Jeans in 2021? – Boots, Sneakers, Heels

boyfriend jeans

Jeans in the style of “boyfriend” have this look like you borrowed it from your boyfriend. They sit on your figure lose enough but not too loose, trousers tucked (7/8 length). And, of course, jeans in “male” style spared the lady’s decorative stuff like rhinestones and embroidery but can be decorated with scuffed and slots. What to wear with boyfriend jeans?

Despite the fact that these jeans as if borrowed from the male wardrobe, they can look very stylish on the girl, giving her look of incredible fragility and femininity, emphasizing the elegance of the shape.

The main thing – to find the “right” model, which will keep the negligence bordering on urban chic. The line is very thin, it is important to observe certain rules of wearing jeans – boyfriends.

What to Wear with Boyfriend Jeans

Rude and expression “male” worn jeans need to balance the feminine “top”, while the balance will be met, and you will look stylish and attractive. Therefore, stylists advise to choose a classic blouse – you can try trimmed with lace or ruffles, or translucent with a seductive neckline “Carmen”.

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What to Wear with Boyfriend Jeans Boots

A great companion for boyfriend jeans is an openwork knit blouse, leaves open the shoulders. The very interesting image you get when you put on a fitted turtleneck and a simple loose-fitting shirt. With this “top” just need to wear elegant shoes with heels or wedges, ankle boots at a fairly high heel.

If you want to create a naughty and flirty way, you can wear boyfriend jeans with a T-shirt (best of all is white), which is tucked into jeans with only one hand. It looks great with them sweatshirt or volume “dimensionless” sweater. In this case, Loafer shoes, sneakers, or loafers.

What to Wear with Boyfriend Jeans Sneakers

Choosing a cloak for “boyfriends”, an example of a leather jacket, a parka, an elongated jacket, or even an eye-catching emerald-green coat just above/below the knee. And don’t forget the belt: it is compulsory! If you want to create a fashionable and stylish ensemble, pick up a belt of the same color as the shoes, the best is brown. Since you chose volumetric jeans, take care of the other things that were right on the figure, hugged it. The best way to preserve the image of femininity – flaunt graceful ankle thin and fragile wrists. Balance the “male” will touch and bright makeup.

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With the high heels and a blazer

What to Wear with Boyfriend Jeans Heels

This is one of the most favorite ways to beat a new image, combine “men” jeans with a nice blazer, and a pair of sexy heels shoes. This ensemble looks more elegant and perfect for informal everyday work, creating a luxurious appearance with a bold hint.

Try to combine harmoniously “masculine” men’s jeans with a pair of spectacular shoes with very high heels. This is ideal if you want to feel all the comfort of men’s trousers, but did not want to look like a hooligan. High heels are perfectly coped with this task, setting off a brutal effect.

With the solid-soled shoes on

What to Wear with Boyfriend Jeans

Another way to squeeze the maximum comfort of men’s jeans – this is to add to them a solid soled shoes. As the notes of femininity select in addition to these jeans sandals with straps or ballet flats. If you are impressed by the image of toughness, then wear sneakers or shoes.

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outfit with slate blue boyfriend pants

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Light gray boyfriend jeans with a white tunic and slip-on is an excellent ensemble, which combines the beauty of a woman with purely masculine confidence.

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Dark blue boyfriend pants with ballet flats and striped shirts. The outfit is perfect for office

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Faded boyfriend jeans with camel ankle boots and beige coat look stylish and beautiful

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Boyfriends and trainers with a black preppy blazer: it is an ideal image for city ​​walks

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Black leather boyfriend pants with classic blazer and pumps. Romantic and cute image.

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Black boyfriend pants with gray pumps and cardigan: it is an ideal image for office and city ​​walks

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White boyfriend jeans with black pumps and khaki tee look sexy and unusually

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