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Even five years ago graphic tees, funny, considered the prerogative of the teenagers and "not played enough in childhood" adults. Now everything has changed. Popular...
How to Wear a Bodycon Dress Casually
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Bodycon dress case originated in 1928, just two years behind the legendary little black dress. And, perhaps, only with that it can match the...
Outfits With Button up Shirt
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Probably, it is difficult to come up with another of the same universal garment as a shirt. Girls have long worn the shirt, not...
Camo Pants
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One of the main colors of the season this year, called olive shade "Dry grass". It was who sets the tone for the entire...
High Waisted Shorts
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It's official: high waisted shorts are in fashion again! It seems that the trend is thoroughly settled in the season, so you should know...
suspenders for women
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This is another part of the male wardrobe that women have won for themselves in the early 20th century. You can even say «selected»...
how to wear polka dots
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Clothing with polka dots, whether ordinary summer dress, evening dress, or blouse are always full of charm. The artlessly simple pattern seemed fraught with...
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Girls are divided into two types: the first is those who have already bought Over-the-Knee boots and waits for the first frosts to get...
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Plaid shirts most people associate with tomboy style. This makes some sense. However, such clothes can be combined and used in many of the...
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The concept of «total look» can refer to a set of 2 cases: 1) when it is composed entirely of things one brand; 2) if all...
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