The Best Jeans for Fat Guys: How to choose Big & Stylish?

It is quite difficult to choose the best jeans for fat guys, as different manufactures’ items may vary in quality and measurements.

Let this selection help you to find the model to your liking, there is useful information about the most popular articles and some advice on how to choose these clothing.

TOP-9 of Best Jeans for Big Men

It goes without saying that jeans are the most comfortable men’s clothes for casual wearing. There are different fits and hues of denim.

How to choose a perfect pair to look stylish? What points must be taken into consideration, especially if you are big? The experts’ tips will help you to answer these questions.

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Levi’s 550 Men’s Relaxed Fit Jeans B&T: Comfortable Jeans for Fat Guys

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This article is produced in 2 variants: stretch (99% cotton+1% elastane) and classic (100% cotton). It is sitting at the waist, going relaxed through the thighs, and ending with tapered legs. The model is complemented with 5 pockets, a zip fly provided.


  • Comfortable and roomy, well-suited for big legs
  • Quite a durable coloring


  • The fabric is a bit thin
  • May get shrunk after washing
  • Cases of back pocket ripping in a short period of wearing
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Wrangler Men’s Riggs Workwear Carpenter Jeans: Best Jeans for Big and Tall Guys

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This item of a rugged carpenter style has a relaxed fit with an action gusset. It is supplied with a hammer loop and 6 pockets, with leather-finished top edges featuring, a zipper fly under a button closure. The material used is 100% cotton (welcome to choose dura shield Denim or Ripstop Fabric).


  • Perfectly suitable for hard work, providing free moving
  • Prolonged durability
  • Deep pockets and strong belt loops


  • Be attentive when choosing the size, a size-up may be necessary

LEE Men’s Big and Tall Regular Fit Straight Leg Jeans: Excellent Jeans for Short Fat Guys

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Being of a regular fit the article goes straight from the seat to legs. It is provided with 5 pockets and a zipper-fastener. Depending on the color the denim may contain polyester adding, the amount of cotton varies from 100% to 70%.


  • A good range of hues
  • Stylish and comfortable design
  • A reasonable price
  • A reliable quality


  • Occasional problems with tag info

Levi’s Men’s 501 Original-Fit Jeans

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The model presented is of a straight-leg fit, supplied with 5 pockets and a button closing. There is a 2-horse patch on the backside. The fabric used is 100% cotton.


  • A great color assortment
  • Quite comfortable in wearing


  • A thin denim
  • The measurements may vary (depending on the country of manufacturing)
  • The latest lots are of poorer quality

LEE Men’s Regular Fit Straight Leg Jeans

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This regular-fit item, sitting at the waist, goes straight through the seat, thighs, and legs. It is complemented with 5 pockets, a zipper closing, and a logo patch at the back. Mostly jeans are made of 100% cotton, but fabric composition may differ in various colorings.


  • A comfortable fit
  • Good looking
  • Durable (both in coloring and fabric quality)


  • Occasional problems with size standards, be attentive when choosing
  • Maybe a little shrinkage after washing

Wrangler Men’s Cowboy Cut Slim Fit Jeans

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Here the brand offers a classic cowboy model of 5-pocket design, which is slim in seat and thighs, stacking over the boots. Copper rivets and felled seams provide extended life of the clothing. It is made from heavyweight denim (100% cotton), pretty durable but breathable.


  • A great variety of hues
  • A high-quality material, no shrinkage after washing
  • Comfortable to wear, especially when riding horses


  • The pockets are too close

Signature by Levi Straus & Co. Gold Label Men’s Regular Fit Jeans: Best Jeans for Big Guys

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This issue is made of special flex denim of premium quality, giving comfort moving all day long. The fit is regular, classic through seat & thigh. A zip-fastener with button closure is present.


  • Stylish and comfortable design
  • Durable fabric
  • No shrinkage after washing
  • A favorable price


  • Be careful, may fade in the wash
  • Jeans of some colorings have 99% cotton and 1% elastane in the stuff

Wrangler Men’s 13MWZ Cowboy Cut Original Fit Jeans: Best Cowboy Jeans for Tall Guys

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These classic cowboy jeans of an original fit are made of heavyweight Denim (cotton content is 100%). The material is breathable, providing a comfortable all-day wearing. The model has 5 pockets with copper rivet finishing and a zipper closing.


  • Pretty thick, durable fabric
  • Perfect for casual wear
  • A comfortable fit, absolutely not hampering


  • Occasional problems with size and quality control

Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Fit Jeans

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This is a slim cut model of a below-waist rise, supplied with 5 pockets and a zip-fastener under a button closure. The legs are slightly tapered. There two variants of material: classic (100% cotton) and stretch (mostly cotton + 1-2% spandex), depending on the coloring.


  • A large color palette
  • Comfortable and stylish fit
  • A modest price for good quality


  • Pairs of various colors produced in diverse countries may differ in size measurements and fabric gauge
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Big Guy’s Guide: How to Choose a Best Fit Jeans?

Jeans are a staple in any wardrobe. They can be worn with anything and go with everything. It is important to find the right fit for your body type.

The best way to do this is to try on different styles and sizes of jeans and see what feels most comfortable.

What are the best jeans for big guys like? They must be comfortable, stylish, durable, fitting well, and creating an attractive look. When choosing an appropriate model of jeans take into consideration the following points:

  • The fit
  • The rise
  • The measurements.


What type of jeans should a fat man wear?

Regular fits can also work for big guys with athletic builds. Denim jeans give the appearance of slimming the rear and thighs while leaving the rest of the leg straight. If your hips are narrower than your shoulders, the regular fit is a good choice.

What should you know before buying jeans for a fat man?

The first thing you should know is that fat men have different body proportions than other people. This means that their legs are longer than the average person’s, and they also have a larger waist. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the length of the jeans when buying them. If you buy jeans that are too long, they will look like clown pants. You should also know that fat men have a wider waist than other people, so you need to pay attention to jeans with a mid-rise.

What To Look For In Jeans For Fat Guys?

Denim that is regular straight leg and mid rise will be the best for big shape guys. Alternatively, you can choose a slim fit, giving your lower half a fitted appearance, or a relaxed fit, which will fit you more generously. It is not recommended to wear skinny jeans.

How should fat guys wear jeans?

There are two schools of thought on this. One is that you should wear them like you would a pair of pants, and the other is that you should wear them like you would a pair of shorts. I’m in the first camp, but I’ve seen some fat guys who pull off the second look well. It’s all about how you feel comfortable wearing them.

Best type of jeans for fat guys?

The ones that are made from stretchy material. This will allow you to move around freely and not feel constricted in any way. If you’re looking for a pair of jeans that will fit your body type perfectly, then check out this guide on how to find the best fitting jeans for your body type.

Can big guys wear skinny jeans?

Yes! Skinny jeans are the perfect fit for tall overweight men. They accentuate your long legs and make you look taller. The best part is that they are much more comfortable than other types of jeans. How do you know if skinny jeans will fit? Skinny jeans come in a variety of fits, so it’s important to find the right pair for you. If you’re not sure how to choose the right fit, check out our guide.

Jeans for fat guys with skinny legs?

It is a great idea to wear straight-leg or boot cut jeans to add weight and structure to skinny legs. They accentuate the calf and make you look slimmer. Too baggy pants will make your petite legs appear lost, so make sure they are fitted through the thigh.

Do fat guys look good in jeans?

You need to be in shape to pull off any pair of jeans. But if you choose the right one for you, then yes, they look good on anyone. Be yourself and be confident. If you are really confident about who you are and what you have to offer, then it will show through your actions, words and body language.

How to buy jeans for fat guys?

1. Wear a size larger for relaxed-fit jeans, so they don’t stretch across your groins.
2. High-rise straight-leg jeans have an equal width from hip to hem.
3. Comfortable loose jeans with a wide leg and seat – great for a casual look.

Good jeans for fat guys?

Choosing straight or loose-fit jeans is a good option if you have fat legs. Elastic jeans for fat men are a really popular choice since they provide the waistband with the flexibility to expand and, when sitting down, are very comfortable to wear. Tapered jeans are a great choice if you’re looking for a more fashionable style.

Best jeans for short fat guys?

LEE Men’s Big and Tall Regular Fit Straight Leg Jeans – Best Jeans for Short Fat Guys. Pros: stylish and comfortable design, reliable quality, reasonable price.

What jeans to wear if you have a big stomach?

Your belly will be covered and supported by mid-rise and high-rise jeans. If you are concerned about having a tummy, these jeans will flatter you. You should avoid jeans with low rises. There is a risk of getting a muffin-top when you wear these, since they do not cover your stomach.

How to wear jeans for fat guys?

If you are fat, you should wear jeans that fit well. You can’t wear skinny jeans or baggy jeans. Skinny jeans will make your legs look bigger and baggy jeans will make your body look bigger. You have to find the perfect balance between the two. The best way is to go for straight leg jeans with a slim fit. This will make your legs look slimmer and your body will not look bigger than it is.

Taller Men Jeans

This definition means a height of over 6 feet. No high rise is recommended. Jeans of both mid-rise and low one will look well.

Besides, the crotch must be roomy enough, preventing the closing from pinching and chafing, providing a person with free moving. The straight regular fit is one of the best variants for the body type mentioned.

Larger Men Jeans

Heavy men are advised to get items of stretching denim, not to be hampered. Wide-hipped persons will look well in jeans, going straight from the hips to the hem, the high-rise is offered.

Another fine casual wear for them may include loose models with a wide seat and wide legs, relaxed jeans in one size up are also possible.

A person of plus size is to choose loose jeans of straight cut or relaxed ones to hide his big thighs and to balance the body look in away.

In a word

Try to find a garment, concealing body defects. Above all, it must be comfortable, well-tailored, and of a good fit.

Be very attentive when taking measurements and checking them with the manufacturers’ data. Remember that even one company may produce different models with different size ranges.

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