Hey! My name is Emily. I have this blog since 2015, and started it as a place where I can freely write my thoughts about fashion and style, without fear of surprise from former colleagues in fields far from fashion, or criticism from more experienced comrades.

It is very easy for me to write about the mistakes that women make in the process of choosing clothes – because I used to make absolutely all mistakes myself.

And it’s easy to give advice on how to fix them, because now I have the opportunity to devote quite a lot of time to gaining knowledge: what is relevant and what is outdated, what clothes and why are suitable for different situations, and what looks alien where these or those tendencies come from and how to relate to them.

emily wilson about

I read a lot, attend lectures and seminars on styling, history of fashion and art, graduated from the British Higher School of Design in the course “Fashion Styling”.

I do not claim that I know all the answers, but I am happy to look for them and share my findings with my readers. In addition to blogging, I do individual consultations, stylize filming and am a fashion expert for few magazines.

Clothes cost money! I know.

There’s no workaround for that, unfortunately. If there is, I would have found it. But a fabulous wardrobe that makes getting dressed every day easy and effortless doesn’t require you to spend a ton of money.

Instead, it’s all about making the right decisions about where to allocate the money you do spend.

Spend it where it counts. Save where it doesn’t.

But making that distinction can be a challenge. And that’s why I break it down for you right here.

If you need to tell me something or ask a question, write me emily [at] f-rules.com. (Please don’t waste my and yours time, i DON’T accept any ‘links’! Such emails immediately go to SPAM.)

Your Fashion Friend,
Emily Wilson

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