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    summer office styleToday we gonna present cute office outfits for summer. Let’s begin.

    With the onset of summer in all offices of the country begin the battle for control of the air conditioner between those who are stuffy, and those who are blowing. But even more serious battles taking place at this time in the morning before the open closet.

    What to wear to the office in the morning when the cold and the hot night, and in the middle of the day at the workplace, and cold and hot at the same time? We think the process of elimination: a wide “beach” pants and mini skirt you will not admit to the workplace, in jeans and ballet flats sweating the whole body, and in the top straps and sandals too cool.

    Beach sundress leave for the beach. Your style will save from the heat light colors and natural fabrics. In order not to burn out at work, choose models from the summer collection – they will make you a confident, stylish and will give cool.

    Fashion for natural fabrics really can be assessed only in the summer. Soft cotton and silk slippery weightless on the crest of a wave of fashion – designers have created the most current outfits this summer, which has never appropriate in a business setting.

    Summer Office Fashion

    If the organization cares about its image, it is first necessary to pay attention to the appearance of staff. Open shoulders, legs and abdomen did not tell us about the business spirit. This situation will be more like a resort.

    Good decision – trosers. To be in trend, you can make beautiful burgundy pants outfit with sky blue blouse.

    cute summer work outfitsBut what do you do? Clothed in dull gray office outfits no one wants, but to dress for work on the beach is also not appropriate.

    In fact, the answer is very simple. Head of confusion is not necessary to look at the scantily clad female employees and to show their dissatisfaction with the manager on staff, and taken in conjunction with the manager and develop a set of basic rules of dress for the summer period – the so-called dress code, familiarize with employees and issue properly. But to make it easier to figure it out, I will tell you the basic principles of the summer business wardrobe.

    office outfits for summer

    There is no big deal. The main thing to remember is that women should abandon the public shoulders, short skirts and bare tummy. And that was not hot, choose natural light fabric viscose, cotton, linen, silk. Not advisable to wear a skirt above the knee. The most optimal length – knee, plus or minus five centimeters. Excellent replacement will suit dress or a dress-shirt.

    White is the main color of  summer office fashion. At the same time simple and luxurious, trendy and business, it will make you feel at ease in any situation, let’s laconic white kits with things from the collections of Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Gianfranco Ferre, Celine, Dries van Noten. The most “correct” white dresses for the office looking at Alexander Wang, Valentino, Chloe and Calvin Klein length of just above or just below the knee, direct or form-fitting. They are equally good fit and bustle of the office, and in the format of a business meeting.

    Complementing the snow-white set of transparent and silver accessories, you will feel a breath of fresh breeze.

    summer office fashion

    Whatever may be your beautiful hairpins, on hot days give preference to flat shoes. Trendy sandals this season turned into a laconic art object – they have a clearly defined structure: flat soles + 2-3 straps. The best models of summer office style can be found in the collections of Chloe, Alejandro Ingelmo, Balmain, Altuzarra and Lanvin.

    Cuff around the ankle with Velcro zipper attaches the desired rigidity of minimalist models – in a shoe you will not go unnoticed. Models on a broad low heel are also welcome (look at Chloe, Salvatore Ferragamo and Stella McCartney).

    summer office style

    DONTS of Office Outfits for Summer

    In order not to make mistakes, making the office outfits for summer of the trendy new products, tell the firm “no”:

    • lace and transparent fabrics (if you do not combine business meetings with a romantic date);
      linen clothes: how would you not ironed in the morning, in the middle of the day will be “battered” appearance;
    • sequins, colored jeans, T-shirts with pictures kedam sackcloth and bags – the youth and student arsenal leave for week-end;
    • Long colored knit sundress – they will be useful to you on vacation.

    More outfit ideas in office style:

    Polka dot blouse and black capri pants for work. Outfit is perfect for everyday wear

    Dark blue pleated skirt and leopard blouse: it is cute and romantic image

    Light brown jumper and gingham skirt for work. It is perfect image for everyday wear

    Leopard ballet flats and beige blazer for work is a great option for office in which you will not be far from the strict business dress code

    Grey blouse and black skinnies in office style it is an interesting combination

    Floral pants with black button up shirt and burgundy purse. It is perfect for holiday

    Dark gray suit with black pumps in office style. Perfect autumn image

    Dark grey tube skirt with burgundy shirt in office style. Image is extraordinary and unusual

    Classic black suit with golden belt and necklace look sexy and stylish

    Bordeaux button up shirt and leopard flats: it is stylish and strictly

    Black longsleeve with dark grey trousers look courage and unusually

    Striped A-skirt with dark blue top and pearl necklace: it is perfect image for a romantic date

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      what are bell bottomsThis year the bell bottoms are back! They triumphantly returned to the fashion catwalks, and they once again claim to be the main place in the wardrobe of every young person.

      What are bell bottoms and why they are so unique? The first such bell bottom trousers became very popular in 1970, but this year these pants undergone some changes. So, what to wear with bell-bottoms this year? Bell-bottomed trousers ideal for those girls who want to make their legs visually longer and slimmer hips are.

      Bell bottoms are very popular among women, as they are considered the most versatile: they are ideally suited to almost all girls, as perfectly highlight the beauty of the hips and shapely legs.It all depends on what you put with it an element of the wardrobe.

      Outfits to wear bell bottom trousers with

      1.     Bell bottom trousers are perfect for the office, if they wear a classic white shirt and short satin vest. As a result, you have strict and at the same time very stylish image. For a business-like manner best suited black bell-bottoms or neutral shades. Vests desirable to select matching trousers. Bell bottoms business style can be worn even with blouses untucked.

      bell bottoms are backThey will look great when to wear with jackets ensembles to the waist – feminine and neat, decorated with slotted pockets and ruffles, small ruffles at the neck.

      3.    Bell bottoms are suitable for the same ensemble as usual jeans. Yet they are indispensable in a country style: put them in a checked shirt, roll up sleeves and add a couple of accessories in this style.

      4.     They also look wonderful with blouses, with a narrow neck and shoulder line and expanding bottom. If you supplement your outfit of high heels, you will look amazing. Most importantly make sure to it that bell-bottom covered the middle of the heel. Bell bottoms are perfectly combined with the style of the hippie.

      bell bottom trousers outfits for work

      5.     You can add your image by denim jacket, several massive bracelets, loose-fitting linen shirt, a bag with fringes and bright hoop in her hair.

      6.    How to wear white bell bottoms? It will be a good acquisition for the summer wardrobe. They can be worn with tops and shirts, and no matter fitting or with a light drapery, both options are good.

      white bell bottoms outfits7.     When you create a casual style you can wear bell bottom jeans with short sweaters, jackets and jumpers, tight turtleneck, short fur coat or a fur vest.

      8.     In summer you can wear these pants with tight shirts, short tops and colorful blouses.

      What wear with bell bottoms for the night outfit?

      1.     In this case, it is desirable to choose long bell-bottoms made ​​of stretch material with glitter. To add a new image of the evening can be pretty high-heeled shoes.

      2.     As for the top, then the best choice would be a halter top with a plunging neckline triangular shape. In addition, you can put on a man’s hat, big earrings and bright colors red scarf.

      bell bottoms3.     There is another option, it is a brilliant top of bright color with a smell on the chest and thin straps.

      4.     Yet it is worth noting that usually don’t wear bell-bottoms with an elongated top, but individual designers liked the combination of these pants with a long outerwear – cloaks, coats. You can wear a long cardigan and a dense jersey. It is best to look with flared trousers fitted jackets and coats, covers the upper part of the thighs.

      Don’t wear bell-bottoms with…

      Don’t wear bell-bottom trousers with ballet flats or sports shoes. A sports jackets also would be inappropriate for them.

      More outfit ideas for bell bottoms:

      Embroidered bell bottoms with gray tank top: it is strictly and unusual

      Ethnic bell bottom pants and white bohoo blouse. Outfit is perfect for everyday wear

      Midnight blue jumpsuit with bell bottom pants: it is cute and romantic image

      Burgundy bell bottom pants with eggplant knitted sweater – this outfit looks bold, graphic and surprisingly modern.

      Black pullover with bell bottom jeans. It is perfect image for everyday wear

      Black bell bottom trousers and white shirt. It is perfect for holiday

      Leather and velvet bell bottoms with hippie jacket. Perfect autumn image

      High waisted bell bottom jeans and shoulder off top. Image is extraordinary and unusual

      Gray bell bottom trousers with plaid jumper look sexy and stylish

      White lace bell bottom pants and beige tank top: it is stylish and strictly

      Grafic tee with blue high waisted bell bottoms look courage and unusually

      Dark blue denim bell bottom jeans with grey sweater: it is perfect image for a romantic date

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        what to wear with red heelsWhat to wear with red high heels? Let’s find out the answer.

        Red shoes and red accessories are a bright accent in the outfit, so you should carefully choose what to wear, especially with red high heels. With skillful approach red shoes can even go into the category of everyday and it does not seem vulgar.

        First of all, keep in mind what colors are combined with fashionable red female shoes. Juicy reds “friends” with black, white, blue, yellow, and more noble maroon, wine and beetroot color – beige, green and gray. Today red heels are actual even in camo pants outfit.

        The best outfits ideas with red high heels

        Red heels are gorgeus in next outfit ideas:

        • Black pants, dresses, pencil skirts and red high heels – a classic for all time.
        • Dark blue jeans with red heels – it is a modern classic. Denim should always be dark, you can combine it with white opaque blouses and shirts.
        • Look good in outfit with the red high heels blue and white dresses and dresses with prints in red color which prevails.red high heels outfits
        • You can wear red high heels with red color accessories (bags, gloves, belt).
        • From outerwear perfect complement – black coat, trench coat or jacket, you can pick up a jacket of red shades.
        • Especially stylish red high heels outfit in the “sea” and the images combined with black and white things in large strips. If you selected Monochrome outfits, add an image lipstick and nail polish shades of red – so the image will sparkle even brighter.
        • Red shoes can accentuate dress with floral print, if it has a red color (it is desirable that he dominated).
        • If you’re looking for what to wear with red heels for retro style, polka dot dress will be the perfect combination with this shoes. Dress appropriate black or blue with white polka dots, red should be avoided.what to wear with red high heels
        • Lacquered red heels perfectly combined with dark denim: red shoes revive and jeans, and skirts and breeches, making everyday more refined version.
        • This kit is desirable white top and large accessories or scarves with the presence of red. Red suede shoes easy to complete with official images and evening dresses, make the most respectable strict business onions.
        • Particularly appropriate suede shoes look calm wine and burgundy shades with a black dress or trousers. The combination of textures accentuate the suit or dress of silk or wool. If you want to save the image of elegance, but refresh it, add a set of red suede heels seed pans.
          outfit ideas with red heels

        What to wear with red heels: Donts

        There are some combinations, where you should not wear red heels…

        • Contrary to the belief of many fashionistas, red shoes is better not to wear with a red dress. Yes, it certainly is bright and catchy, but you should have at least a bright appearance, not to “burn down” and not get lost in this color. But the dress with graphic quality prints, in which there is red, so bright shoes are perfect. However, when it comes to red, the main thing – do not overdo it.
        • Also, if you’re searching for outfit ideas with red heels, try to pick up the tights or stockings skin color. Black models, as well as those that are decorated with some fancy pattern, or made of fine mesh to be very inappropriate.
        • Red heels with leopard print casually is not a good combination, but you can experiment with this way to wear.

        Fresh infographics:

        red heels infographics

        More outfits with red heels:

        White bag and red heels with high waisted jeans it is an interesting combination

        Ripped skinny jeans with red high heels and black tee. It is perfect image for everyday wear

        Red sweater with red high heels and black skinny jeans is a good opportunity to make a variety of everyday outfit.

        Red blazer with red heels and pencil skirt look sexy and stylish

        Polka dot blouse with red skater skirt and heels: it is stylish and strictly

        Plaid shirt with red high heels and cigarette jeans look courage and unusually

        Plaid coat with red purse and heels: it is perfect image for a romantic date

        Nude bodycon jumper with red heels and tube skirt look stylish and beautiful

        Leather leggins and jacket with red high heels. Outfit is perfect for holiday

        Denim shorts with red heels and gray blazer: it is ideal image for city ​​walks

        Champagne skinnies and white peplum top with red heels. Romantic and cute image.

        Boyfriend jeans with red heels and school jacket look sexy and unusually

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