How to Wear a Pencil Skirt Casually in 2021? Cute Outfits

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    how to wear a pencil skirt casually

    Before we’re telling you how to wear a pencil skirt casually, let’s find out what thing it is.

    The pencil skirt is a tight-fitting hips and legs skirt taking contours of the figure from the waist to the knees. It may be slightly lowered or, conversely, a high waist and narrows down its shape (hence the name).

    The pencil skirt is one of the most practical models, which is considered the founder of Christian Dior. It became popular in the first half of the last century, as suited to almost any figure. You can wear a pencil skirt to work and to the party. In this article, we will try to answer the question of what to wear with a pencil skirt.

    Classic style provides style skirt length above the knee. Designers create and shorter options, but this is considered a deviation from the tradition, which assumes the form of a narrow and reasonable length. This fashionable thing, everything else, has no pockets, front pleats, and a variety of ornaments, unpretentious and their differing severity. Designers using decorative techniques and complicating cut, deprived of their current models pristine. Standing is only fitting, narrowed down form.

    How to wear a pencil skirt to work?

    how to wear a pencil skirt to work
    Pictures of women in pencil skirts (office style)

    The classic version of this combination – of things with a light blouse and shoes perfect way to wear a pencil skirt to work. This season, the perfect set with this outfit makes dark tights. To date, after work, the white blouse can be safely changed to a thin sweater or turtleneck and jacket form-fitting shape. In this case, we can propose also an outfit with a chocolate brown pencil skirt and khaki blouse. For the manufacture of the classic skirt, wool is mainly used, and tights worn underneath to avoid discomfort.

    Pencil skirts made in various color palettes and with a variety of prints will help you create a romantic image.

    In this embodiment, the skirt can be supplemented by corsets, tunics, and tops of any length. A pantyhose, in this case, it is best to replace the stockings.

    Pencil skirts in various shades of leather, cotton, or jersey and also suitable for everyday use. Since this option mainly provides convenience and comfort, the skirt can be combined with the shoes or sandals powerful sole, as well as boots or ballet flats. Tight T-shirt, cardigan, or sweater will go as outerwear. But under a jacket or blouse jewelry should choose a product from different clothes.

    Monotone pencil skirt of satin and velvet material in an ensemble with a beautiful blouse and shoes will make your image bright and festive. But such lovely decorations as bracelets, earrings or brooches, fine finish image. Also, you can add ladies suspenders for creating a brave outfit.

    You can wear a pencil skirt as a separate item, or to wear as part of a business suit. In order to narrow cut not displeased your movements in such models are provided incision that is made rear, front or side. Folds instead of an incision is made in particularly rigorous models.

    You visually make your legs slimmer, if the ensemble with a long black skirt and tights include shoes of the same color. Visually, you immediately lose a few pounds, which is doubly practical.

    A very good and unusual combination for autumn is a mustard yellow pencil skirt with brown coat.

    Discussing the topic “what to wear with a pencil skirt” it is necessary to mention jewelry, such as pearl beads, which in combination with round nose shoes accentuate you create the image. Tights, in this case, can be colored, and the head can be decorated with a beret. cute pencil skirt outfits

    Well, look skirt sewn jacquard. They should be worn with blouses, knitted sweaters, turtleneck different, jackets, and boots. Pencil skirt for evening out is made mainly of satin or velvet material, which can have any color.

    Very often you can find a photo of casual pencil skirt outfits, where it combines perfectly with smooth, monochrome riding in the romantic style. Lace top, made in the same manner, ideally complement the ensemble.

    Harmoniously composed of girls will be an excellent option tight pencil skirt with a tucked in her jacket, turtleneck sweater, and even thin. If your figure is not one of the ideal, then it is better to wear sweaters, shirts and sweaters, trousers, which will help you to hide some flaws.

    The final chord will be a stud and fashionable handbag. This outfit will appeal to women of different age categories. From the words of the famous writer Carla Krupp, a pencil skirt gives you great potential for the most cherished desires. Use it!

    A bit of a pencil skirt’s history…

    Around the mid-seventies of the twentieth-century pencil skirt began to produce denim. This material is most suitable for everyday use, not for business or party. But this skirt is not able to perfectly reproduce the flowing lines of the female body and make the shape refined, so it yields similar models from other tissues. In any case, if you are a fan of denim garments, this model certainly obliged to take one of the shelves in your closet. This skirt is rather a “free” style, as it can be very narrow and slightly too big with small attrition.casual pencil skirt outfits

    The most popular models in recent years – leather pencil skirt, looks stylish and elegant. It can be combined with almost any horse, but the rage is its combination with a vest made of fur. Do not wear this model with a denim jacket or denim jacket, as these things are bad in harmony with each other.

    We have explored options for combining pencil skirts with other things, but this topic is quite extensive.

    Shoes to Wear with a pencil skirt

    Let’s discuss the right shoes. Ideally, the pencil skirt to be worn with elegant shoes, for example, narrow high boots. Wear it with flat shoes can afford only a girl with legs “by ear.”

    High brutal boots are out of place here, since this model makes the figure less feminine and elegant. While desperate ladies can wear under her sneakers and related rather to the urban style.

    What to wear with a pencil skirt in summer?

    How to wear a pencil skirt in summer? In the new summer season, the pencil skirt has an elongated shape, covering the knees. Remember that this model needs shoes with heels and a blouse or jacket original. The collections of famous designers found a lot of bulk sculptural skirts with the unique decor in the form of pieces of fabric, which act as the upper layer of the model and resemble a regular geometric shape. Leading fashion designers advise women of fashion instead of the usual combination of closed high heels summer wear a classic pencil skirt with sandals and to wear a pencil skirt with flats

    Casual pencil skirt outfits so confidently entrenched in the world of fashion that you can not worry about its popularity. With each new season, the only change is the length and the decor of the legendary model. Today, for its creation are different fabrics, but most can be found on sale skirts made of artificial materials – viscose or polyester.

    What to wear with a pencil skirt? 20+ Amazing Pencil Skirt Outfit Ideas in Video

    Cream cardigan with a burgundy pencil skirt and black tights look sexy and stylish

    Coral button-up shirt with nude pencil skirt: it is stylish and strictly

    Beige oversize sweater with a black pencil skirt. Perfect autumn image

    Scotland plaid pencil skirt with white heels and a leather jacket: it is an ideal image for city ​​walks

    White polka dot pencil skirt with floral printed heels it is an interesting combination

    Mustard pencil skirt with leopard heels and black cardigan. The outfit is perfect for office

    Black leather pencil skirt with a white shirt and black sweater look courage and unusually

    Lace white pencil skirt with a cream pullover and nude heels it is an outfit that will suit perfectly any type of figure.

    Gray long pencil skirt and light pink jumper: it is a perfect image for a romantic date

    Gray crop top with a tube pencil skirt and black sandals look stylish and beautiful

    Floral printed pencil skirt and a pink button-up shirt. Perfect summer image

    Ethnic printed pencil skirt and denim shirt. The outfit is perfect for everyday wear


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