How to Wear Suspenders for Women? Style Tips & Outfits

This is another part of the male wardrobe that women have won for themselves in the early 20th century.

You can even say «selected» because today it is much more common to meet a woman wearing them rather than a man.

Suspenders perfectly fit into the wardrobe of modern fashionistas emphasizing independent, elegant style and maybe sometimes a little shocking.

Some might say why to wear suspenders if you have a belt? Apart from not letting your pant fall down they are great on the female figure, making it more sexy and slim.

Not sure when to wear suspenders? We’ve got some rocking tips for you which will help match and mix the accessory with other clothes in your closet.

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What Outfit with Suspenders Can Be for Women?

Originally this piece was designed to perform a practical function, supporting pants, so they would not be hanging down.

They are straps, usually crisscross on the back, attached to the trousers with buttons or clips on suspenders.

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Straps themselves may be made of textiles, leather, or even silicone or rubber.

Today clasp and button suspenders are an extremely fashionable attribute of the female wardrobe. They can be used to liven up any ensemble.

How to wear suspenders for women to be trendy? For example, if you wanna know how to wear black skinny jeans with something new and fresh, you should try this outfit.

Feel free to combine them with any clothes — pants, jeans, mini-skirts, shorts, and even long skirts hippie-style.

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Suspenders for women look stylishly on a contrasting background. Put on black straps with a white silk blouse or shirt and black pants.

This combination is extremely stylish and elegant on women, so it is perfect for work or special occasions. White straps combined with a black satin shirt will look just as great.

You’re not gonna believe it but there’re gorgeous designer silicone straps which can be either clear or neon or sometimes even with real dry flowers or tons of glitter in them. What a great way to stand out, don’t you think?

Fans of unisex leather might like to combine the straps with a suit.

Combine a jacket, slacks, a white T-shirt, and a hat with narrow margins — and a men’s style look is ready. Straps with wide pants also make a solid look — preferably the pants should be slim and paired with a vest.

Wearing suspenders outfit women can choose ones with embroidery or decorative elements and combine them with shirts, loose blouses, jeans, trousers, and pencil skirts.

The main thing is that the colors of straps should be the same or similar to the shades of shoes, handbags, and other accessories. That is exactly how to properly wear suspenders.

If you don’t really care about the rules though you can combine accessories of various colors to create a bright and vivid outfit: the only problem is that some people might consider it tacky, but who cares, right?

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Want to make your figure more slender and create a posh style at the same time? Do it by wearing the straps with a skirt above the knee length.

How to wear female suspenders? For parties choose the accessory with rhinestones or rivets. Women suspenders for casual wear look wonderful combined with military-style clothes, pair them with trousers, breeches, khaki skirts, and other military-inspired outfits.

They can also give a crisp look to simple jeans creating a nice style with suspenders. And in combination with leather skirts and pants, they will make for an ultra-trendy image.

Women also use them in order to emphasize cleavage even though it is definitely not something you can wear on a regular basis.

There’re different combinations in the style of monochrome to do it. For example, it is possible to use a white blouse with straps of milky shade or a combination of red and pink.

Contrast straps are also fine and can be used for a sexy photoshoot or to flaunt your body on a date. Just don’t make it the first date: there still has to be a little place left for the good old hard-to-get game.

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Let’s have a closer look at suspenders for women and how to wear them. Like a belt, they are a very capricious and tricky piece of clothing —they will accentuate a thin waist, but curvy women will not appreciate what this accessory will make them look like.

So how do you wear suspenders then? If you are in doubt, then avoid contrasting color combinations. Such options as black, brown, and navy blue in tandem with a white satin or silk blouse or shirt will only suit the owners of a perfect hourglass figure type.

Walking in the summer. It’s typical to match this accessory with pants, but if you’re brave enough you can try on a short outfit too.

This one looks rather unconventional, but hey, it almost looks like overalls and overalls are super in right now. What kind of shorts to choose?

Go for flowing midi shorts! Denim is not the best option here unless we’re talking about high waist old school denim ones.

Also, steer clear of any kind of shorts which are too tight: we’d rather recommend going for loose ones.

Stylish student. This look is easy and in style 2017, it’s free and quite naughty. It can be good even with combat boot outfits.

During the studies in University a girl can dress up in a white cotton shirt, fashion breeches, and straps of the same hue, stilettos or high wedges are also gonna look fine.

Another option is with jeans and a turquoise blouse or pale blue or white jeans with wide straps. And it doesn’t really matter if you wear pumps or flats: you’re gonna rock this outfit anyway.

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Men’s style. In recent years, the runway girls do not dress in men’s suits and hats and ties and even flat shoes. It should be noted that such an outfit would be extravagant on its own, so you can choose the most ordinary, classical model.

They also will go well with a vest and a tie making you look casually smart. Do not forget that a touch of femininity still has to be there: long hair, pearl buttons, or small rhinestones.

Hippie-chic. Wondering what to wear with suspenders? In recent years, the trend of the 70th is in full abundance back into fashion.

Wide bell bottoms, leather pants, and a bright shirt perfectly complement straps with rivets, embroidery, and beads. The hippie girl is quite bright, free, allowing the most bizarre and brave combinations.

More outfit ideas with suspenders

Few people would say that denim suspenders and jeans make a nice combination until they see this outfit idea.

Isn’t this total denim look with jean suspenders and yellow pumps absolutely lovely? Heard it’s kinda tacky to wear two shades of denim at the same time?

The light shirt goes with these jeans so well it proves this statement wrong. If you go for classy black or brown shoes to complement the style you’ll look way too plane: in this case, a bright spot is needed real bad.

We think yellow high heels rocked the look, but would you choose the same color or go for some other hue?

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You might say that these striped suspenders with grey pleated trousers style idea will look too masculine and is a bad choice for a woman’s outfit, but despite coming from male fashion each detail goes so well with one another that we couldn’t help falling in love with it.

It’s amazing how one can create an eye-catching look by only using shades of black and white without making it look dull, isn’t it?

Classy pants, classy shirt, suspenders – also kinda classy. Sounds like a great combination to wear to work or uni to come off as a smart and exquisite person.

The question is: would you also match the look with loafers or go for another kind of footwear instead?

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To flaunt these leggings, suspenders, and a long-sleeved crop top style you’d better have a flat belly unless you’re body positive which we totally support.

As for the legs, the high-waist skinny pants and heels combination will make them look mile-long, so don’t worry.

Crop tops do well with plenty of other clothes and are a little bit overused, but match it with suspenders and you’ll get a crisp new outfit idea which will help stand out from the crowd.

Come to think of it, do you also find this look fascinating despite only black and gray used in it or do you lack bright details here?

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A classy outfit doesn’t have to be too formal and official which this boyfriend trousers, suspenders, and leopard pumps look successfully proves.

Loose pants create such a relaxed yet classy style that it seems a perfect combination to wear both for a date and a business meeting.

Make sure the suspenders match the shoes other accessories color-wise and here’s another fashion idea ready for the taking.

As for the shirt, it could be pretty much any cut and any basic color, but we like this one because of the fine stripes. Do you think it goes with this look well or would you swap it for a shirt of another color or pattern?

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If you haven’t matched shorts with a jumper yet, well, you should! This beige suspenders, grey shorts and jumper combination is a non-trivial outfit idea, which makes heads turn not just because of bright colors, but due to the sense of style and fashion you have.

How come it’s both so simple and adorable! Black shorts, and a two-in-one gray sweater and white classy shirt go well together with the way they are, but this outfit would lack charm without the suspenders, which make for a really unusual combination.

If only we could see what kind of shoes she’s wearing… BTW, what do you think would be the best option here?

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Can you imagine something more classy than a combination of black and white? This outfit idea is not likely to go out of fashion as ever.

You might think there’s nothing easier to match some black piece of clothing with some white piece of closing, but if you want to create a solid look where all the details go well with each other, you’ll have to try harder.

Or just wear these black skinnies, suspenders, and white sleeveless shirt look to save the effort. Thank God it’s not that hard to repeat: just make sure you don’t forget to pin the bow-brooch: it’s the staple of the outfit.

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Suspenders can make you look classy or… rebellious! Who would have thought? These rough cowhide straps are a bad outfit idea for princesses and a real find for tomboys: if you look at these and think you’d definitely wear them, then why not go for this wide brown suspenders with graphic tee combination.

Sure, you can choose the print that matches your personality, but as for the pants, we’d stick with the oversized ones like in the picture: it looks as if you just don’t care, and this way you get to save the functional aspect of suspenders.

These low-waist striped pants go well with this T-shirt, but we guess any kind of thick denim pants would do, right?

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Why do high-waist skinny pants go with suspenders so well? We don’t have a clue, but here’s another rocking outfit idea featuring these two pieces we’d like to share.

And this time – what a relief – you won’t even have to wear high heels! Sneakers or trainers will match this look just perfectly.

On the whole, the combination of dark green suspenders with skinnies and trainers would look great with T-shirts, crop-tops, and even sweaters, but we just love this simple shirt and would not swap it for anything else.

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The combination of leather suspenders with ripped jeans, sweaters, and martens is something any teenager would want to wear now: just look how well all the details go with each other.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t go for this outfit idea if you’re an adult. Just find rough leather suspenders to match the martens and don’t forget about the beanie.

The only thing which can be even better then ripped jeans here is baggy boyfriend ripped jeans, so if you have a pair go ahead and try this look on!

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Would it be a little bit over the top to wear this combination of a white button-up shirt with red suspenders and a black tie to work? Maybe.

But it might work for the studies or even a date, depending on what kind of person you wanna come off as. Red suspenders will make you look and feel a little bit sassy and you can also match the shirt with a bow-tie instead of a regular tie.

But it goes with this outfit all right, so why not keep it? It’s always a good idea to wear high-waist pants with pumps, but what do you think about this choice? Would you keep them too?

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Why does everyone think that suspenders only go well with pants or at least shorts? This leather circle skirt, suspenders, and gray silk blouse combination will prove that you can wear them with skirts to being a real eye-candy.

We’d call this outfit idea pretty controversial: cute and feminine with silk and skirt and sassy at the same time with leather and the print on the ties.

Match these clothes with appropriate footwear like the lace-up boost you can see in the picture and you’re gonna be ready to go!

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If you think that bow-ties, regular ties, gimmicky suspenders, and flashy footwear are too much for an office outfit idea, go for a simple combination of the black high-waist pencil skirt with suspenders, a white shirt, and classy pointed-toe heels.

You don’t need to wear too many accessories either: just a minimalist necklace a ring and a pair of studs will go with this look best.

The top can be both a shirt, which is the classiest option of all, or a blouse, which you can also match with the skirt. Need a bright spot? Then add some color to the makeup using red lipstick or nail polish.

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