Yoga Pants Outfit Ideas for in and outside the Gym Situations

Say, someone asked you what to wear with yoga pants for a party or a date. You’d probably think they’re crazy and this would be absolutely legit: who the heck wears yoga pants outside the gym right?

Well, not exactly. You can actually wear yoga pants outfits in a variety of situations even though the events on the list won’t be all about fashion and style.

What Exactly Are Yoga Pants?

It’s curious that when it comes to yoga pants one person might have one picture in mind and another will have something completely different.

That’s why you can basically do yoga in so many types of pants it’s easy to get confused. Most pants will fall into two categories though: leggings and proper yoga pants.

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The thing is that unlike leggings yoga pants flare from the ankle and are most likely to have an exclusively sporty look while leggings can be worn in pretty much any situation since they come in a wide range of fabrics, colors, and print.

We here are talking classy yoga pants outfits so all the flared jersey pants owners, listen up.

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BTW: Leggins might be made of any kind of fabric but with yoga pants the more natural it is the better.

How to Wear Yoga Pants in Everyday Life

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Fitting yoga pants into your casual wardrobe is no piece of cake. That’s why most girls just keep them for their workouts and never even think of putting on a pair to do other stuff.

If you don’t know any other ways to wear yoga pants either you could use some tips on when yoga pants would be just irreplaceable.

Whether you actually work out or not yoga pants will be a great find for those who have busy days and are not that concerned about fashion.

We mean taking your kids to school and then picking them up you’ll feel way comfier wearing a pair of yoga pants instead of jeans.

The same goes for grocery shopping, walking your dog, doing laundry, and lots of other things where you don’t really have to make an impression.

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What about the best yoga pants you can buy? Well, if you’re planning to wear these outside the gym the less sporty they’re gonna look the better.

Try to avoid side stripes and waistbands of a different color. Stick with simple options like black to get a universal piece of clothing you can use when bringing to life our yoga pants outfit ideas.

Tip: Some women are Ok wearing makeup – even flashy – along with yoga pants, but that’s not what we’d recommend doing unless you’re going for fancy printed leggings instead of regular workout pants.

Are There Any Ways to Wear Yoga Pants Fancy Style?

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If you chose the right kind of pants you can actually pair them with more top options than just a plain T-shirt or a tank-top. Let your imagination loose, have a fitting, and work out which of these looks feels right for you.

  • Match yoga pants with a long sleeve jersey top, catchy sneakers and a scarf to look active and energetic yet full of charm. Sure the scarf isn’t supposed to be silk or chiffon: go with something less posh like wool or jersey or cotton.
  • Another way is to go with flip-flops like you’d do at a real yoga class and get a loose light top preferably leaving one of your shoulders bare. Sunglasses will make for a great accessory along with your favorite tote bag.
  • Wondering how to wear yoga pants with pumps? Well, you just don’t.No one has ever pulled it off successfully and that means you probably won’t either. As simple as that.
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BTW: tops shouldn’t be longer than your hip line: this kind of tops might go well with leggings but it won’t compliment your legs when you’re wearing yoga pants.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and you’ll surefire end up coming up with more cute outfits with yoga pants you’ll look amazing in!

Dark green and neon green yoga pants with neon green top look courage and unusually.

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Tribal print pink yoga pants with white top: it is an ideal image for home.

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Black chiffon and cotton yoga pants with a black tank top. It is a perfect image for everyday wear.

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Black yoga pants with a jeans jacket and white converse: it is an ideal image for city ​​walks.

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Black and white print yoga pants with a black crop tee and golden necklace look sexy and unusually.

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White and plum yoga pants and wine tank top is a great sporty image.

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Black yoga pants with a plaid shirt and light gray crop top. The outfit is perfect for everyday wear.

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Tribal printed yoga pants with golden bracelet and pearls pendant: it is stylish and strictly.

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Dark gray yoga pants with a mint green sweater.  Image is extraordinary and unusual.

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Ethnic printed yoga pants with navy blue top and silver necklace. Perfect summer image.

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Turquoise yoga pants with gray top look sexy and unusually.

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Dark red yoga pants with a gray pullover and maroon beanie also is an ideal image for city ​​walks.

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