What to Wear with a Skater Skirt: Ways & Shoes To Wear

This is a great alternative to the usual for us miniskirt slinky, but it doesn’t emphasize the appetizing forms, seductively covers them, and intriguing for men.

Skirt skater is universal and is used to create a variety of images – from playful and gentle, to sports and grunge.

It is a long time will not lose their relevance – in fashion loose silhouettes. Skirt skater combines all the necessary qualities for the ladies: it has a plaque retro-chic, but at the same time looks very modern, flirty and she looks just great – especially in fragile and elegant young ladies, adding them to the required volume of figurines.

What to Wear with a Skater Skirt

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Since there are currently very popular bright floral prints, a very impressive and fashionable option would skater skirt “flowered” in conjunction with the monotonous riding.

Monophonic skater skirt in turn can be successfully combined with top with floral print.

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Unfading classics is a black skater skirt and white top will not look dull if you add in the way of ultra-fashionable denim blazer.

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For fans of grunge style offer such an option: loose sweater large knitted and skater skirt in a contrasting color, shoes with laces: very sleek and stylish image.

Ways to wear a skater skirt to the office: leather skater skirt and blouse classic style. Or, for example, mustard yellow skirt with a dark teal cardigan.

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Depending on the desired image, it can be worn all year with a white blouse, T-shirt and top, black leather jackets, denim shirt, and a short fur coat with colored fur.

In autumn and winter skater skirt can be worn with leggings and thick colored tights, combined with short sweaters, fashionable knits, flannel plaid shirt.

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Shoes to Wear with Skater Skirt

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Romance and femininity are always in fashion, no matter what may seem to the modern independent woman.

For such an ideal way of heels are not necessarily classics. In cold weather, the skater skirt can be worn with over-the-knee boots.

If you are a fan of the free or sporty, these skirts are easily combined with boots or lace-up moccasins. The main thing is to find the right top.

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So, skater skirt: how to wear? Now, this question does not seem so difficult, because this element of women’s wardrobe can be combined with almost everything.

More outfit ideas with skater skirt:

White skater skirt with striped button-up shirt and heel sandals look stylish and beautiful.

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Red skater skirt with striped tight shoulder off jumper it is an interesting combination.

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Plaid skater skirt with black tights and leather jacket: it is an ideal image for city ​​walks.

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Peach pink skater skirt with light green button-up shirt look sexy and stylish.

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Mint skater skirt with black graphic tee and stockings look sexy and unusually.

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Forest green skater skirt with black tights and plaid shirt is a strong union of romance and attractiveness, femininity, and playfulness.

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Floral printed skater skirt and pale yellow knitted sweater: it is a cute and romantic image.

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Eggplant skater skirt with a tribal printed crop top. The outfit is perfect for everyday wear.

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Neon coral skater skirt with white lace T-shirt: it is a perfect image for a romantic date.

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Camel suede skater skirt with a gray jumper and stockings. Image is extraordinary and unusual.

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Casual black skater skirt with a dark blue knitted sweater. Perfect autumn image.

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Black leather skater skirt with beige polka dot shirt it is an interesting combination.

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