4 Ways to Wear a Plaid Shirt in 2021

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    plaid shirtPlaid shirts most people associate with tomboy style. This makes some sense. However, such clothes can be combined and used in many of the outfits. A simple shirt should be in the wardrobe of every girl, even if she does not seek to be at the height of fashion. It’s so a comfortable, versatile, and cute thing that can help out in difficult times. Shirt blouse looks easier, it is less formal and binding.

    It can be worn on almost any event, from a walk with your child ending triumphantly in the restaurant.

    Besides shirts are very popular all fashion magazines are full of a female model in this dress. The most actual print shirts for this season are the squares: large, small, double, oblique – what you want. The color solution also free – choose your favorite color of the plaid shirt and wear your pleasure. Based on the plaid shirt, you can create a lot of different styles of dresses.

    How to choose a suitable plaid shirt?

    how to wear a plaid shirt

    1. Pay attention to the size of the squares. For large squares size, women suits 2*2 centimeters and more. Small squares will ruffle and complete you. A slender girl can choose a shirt with squares of any size.
    2. The shirt should be a little loose in the chest and is not consumed in the form of a buttoned.
    3. The length of the shirt should be below the waist, the waist should be closed and bare if you bent over. You should be able to fill the shirt into pants or skirt and shirt while walking should not crawl out.
    4. Select models only natural fabrics – cotton, satin, linen. Fabric with a mixture of synthetic fibers will look much easier and worse.
    5. Choose a color that is well in tune with your appearance and wardrobe with the other things.

    How to Wear a Plaid Shirt?

    We propose 4 ways to wear a plaid shirt.

    1. Working

    If the dress code allows, try to change the usual white shirt or blouse on a plaid shirt. The squares may not be obvious – a pale beige or gray. Wear it with a pencil skirt or trousers to match the squares and you get a surprisingly fresh and politically correct outfit. Also, look good shirt is in black and white contrast squares. With simple black trousers, jacket or vest, it will create an excellent stylish set.

    2. Everyday

    ways to wear a plaid shirtPlaid shirt’s best friend is a pair of jeans. Such an image is called country style. No matter which model you prefer to wear jeans – you can use any. One condition – no crystals, sequins, lace, lurex. Embroidery hippie, stripes, contrasting stitching – are resolved. Try on jeans and a shirt in two versions – to issue and fuel. If you can show off a small waist is certainly choose the second option, supplementing it with a leather belt. If there is a need to hide some figure flaws, the shirt will make the release of it’s just wonderful.

    3. Holiday

    how to wear a plaid shirt with skirt

    You suddenly invited to the movies, on a date, a birthday in a cafe and you do not know what to wear? Go in the evening dress can be inappropriate, in a skirt – uncomfortable, you suddenly decide to go to a bowling alley or skating rink? The sweater is hot, and in an open-top – too frankly. When you are standing at a crossroads, choose a plaid shirt. For example, a bright shirt red and white squares you can wear shorts with brown or black trousers. Unbuttoned one button of the more you add sex appeal along.

    4. Pleasure

    outfits with a plaid shirtIf you have in the wardrobe of khaki pants, make sure you try to put them in plaid shirt natural colors: green, red, brown, blue – costume should get what you need. As such, you will be comfortable to go shopping, for a walk with the child, or chat with friends in a cozy pizzeria.

    More outfit ideas for a plaid shirt:

    Dark army green sweater, plaid shirt, and maroon clutch. Image is extraordinary and unusual

    Gingham shirt and Bordeaux knitted vest look sexy and stylish

    Dark blue plaid shirt and black fedora hat — so dress friendly, simple, and sexy girl from next door!

    brown trench coat with a plaid shirt under a red sweater: it is stylish and strictly

    Plaid shirt with a beige cardigan and maroon handbag look courage and unusually

    The white tank under the plaid shirt with over the knee boots: it is an ideal image for city ​​walks

    Red and white striped jumper with pastel plaid shirt: it is a perfect image for a romantic date

    Red and black plaid shirt and camel Panama hat look stylish and beautiful

    Plaid shirt with a pearl necklace and blue jeans. Romantic and cute image.

    Red plaid shirt and black leather pencil skirt: it is an ideal image for office and city ​​walks

    Gingham preppy blazer and plaid shirt with pearls look sexy and unusually

    Plaid flannel shirt with white tee-dress: it is strictly and unusual


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