7 Ways To Style Your Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG Neutral Grey

Air Jordan 1 sneakers have greatly thrilled the masses since their initial public release in 1985. It’s now 36 years later and sneaker lovers are still often treated to numerous designs and colorways of Air Jordan 1s.

One of the latest additions is the Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG Neutral Grey 2021. This features a white leather upper, with a particle grey Nike Swoosh on the sides. It also has a neutral grey Nike Air tongue branding and the famous wings logo at the heel tab.

If you’ve already got your hands on the Jordan 1 Low Neutral Grey 2021, or just planning to, here are seven ways you can style it with your outfits:

1. With Leggings And A Tank Top

Ladies first. In this spirit, the first five ideas herein are for ladies, and the last two for men.

If you love an athletic look, try a pair of mid-calf leggings that’ll leave more of your ankles and lower legs exposed. This will let you show off every detail of your Neutral Grey Air Jordan 1.

Add a matching athletic tank top to complete the sporty look and you’re ready to head to the gym or jog around your neighborhood.

2. With Denim Shorts And Muscle Tank

With summer just around the corner, you’ll most probably want to sport that flirty look as you walk down the extra-sunny streets or the beach. So, slip into your cute denim high-waisted cut-off shorts, top it up with a muscle tank and comfortably walk in your Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG ‘Neutral Grey’ 2021, as you bask in the sun.

You may want to go for more breathable and roomy shorts to avoid trapping excessive heat. But if that’s not a bother to you, keep it as tight as you feel like.

3. With Leather Mini Skirt

You’ve seen celebrities in leather miniskirts and probably drooled over their super stylish outfits that make them look racy. You too can look as hot as them.

Get your favorite black or brown leather miniskirt. Tight or loose, skimpy or knee-length, all leather skirts are great as long as they complement your body type. If it’s summertime, leave your legs bare. For winter seasons, you can keep your legs warmer with a pair of tights underneath.

4. With Black Jeans

It’s good to keep it simple sometimes. Your regular black jeans can be the perfect match for the Low Neutral Grey Air Jordan Sneakers.

Just make sure that the lower hem tightly hugs your ankles. You don’t want the leg openings to

cover the upper of the sneakers. Leave them in full view for the world to see your great taste for world-class brands.

5. With Casual Mini Dress

Finally, for the ladies, a casual mini dress is a great combination for Neutral Grey Air Jordan sneakers. The floral designs are especially good for non-formal meetings with friends, coffee dates, and road trips. Finishing off your look with some cute pair of sunglasses and a matching clutch bag is much welcome.

6. With Straight Leg Jeans

And now, over to the males.

Sneakers and jeans are hugely popular across the world. And the fashion frenzy doesn’t look like it’ll dwindle anytime soon. Your versatile Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG Neutral Grey sneakers will go well with nearly every shade of jeans.

And just like with the ladies, try to get jeans with bottom hems that snugly hug your ankles. A great pair of sneakers shouldn’t be hidden by any outfit.

Top up this sleek look with a plain black close-fitting T-shirt and a casual jacket. This look is great for any casual event, coffee dates, parties, and sightseeing excursions.

7. With Tracksuits

In actual fact, Air Jordan Sneakers were first designed and worn for the basketball pitch. Their sports appeal hasn’t faded in any way. If you’re planning to go out for sports, either as a player or a cheering fan, you won’t go wrong with sneakers.

Don a close-fitting tracksuit or a track jacket and you’ll stand out with your stylish, athletic look. Both trousers and shorts will look good on you while out in the sports fields.

Be Yourself

The above-mentioned outfit ideas are simply suggestions. Don’t limit yourself to these. In fact, this list is no way exhaustive. So, be bold enough to experiment with other outfits that match your Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG Neutral Grey sneakers.

And since beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder, make it a point to ask your stylish friends for their opinion if you’re unsure how your outfit looks. This way, you can avoid deadly fashion mistakes.

Emily Wilson

Author: Emily Wilson

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