Travel In Style: How To Pack Weekender Bags For Overnight Trips

For people who have busy schedules, it can be somewhat difficult to make time for long trips and vacations. At best, they can spare maybe a weekend if they’re lucky. If you’re one of those people, then you should learn to master how to pack the ultimate weekender bag for your overnight trips.

Whether it’s for business or leisure, you’re most probably looking at maybe two to three days of being out of town or out of the country. If so, there’s not much to pack, but it still pays to have a ‘packing technique’ of your ow,n so you can always make the task such a breeze and almost a routine if you prefer to look at it that way.

The Right Weekender Bag Makes All the Difference

Maybe there’s nothing wrong with being prepared for almost anything that might happen during your trip. But being prepared is far different from ‘overprepared’ if you know what that means. You don’t want to be that type of person who checks in two (or more) large bags for a weekend getaway. However, as you may have probably realized by now, fitting everything you might need isn’t as easy as it seems.

First order of business: learn how to pick the right weekender bag. You might be surprised to find out that the type of bag that you bring for your trip can make a huge difference when it comes to packing your stuff. You don’t just need a spacious bag; being the stylish traveler that you are, you need one that’s timelessly elegant and could add value to your sophisticated look.

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Leather Weekender Bag from Von Baer

Practical yet quality weekender bags should be among your top choices for an overnighter, like the Leather Weekender Bag from Von Baer. Ideally, you want something that you can easily carry but can fit everything that you need to bring for your trip. You might also want to consider a bag that has a laptop slot so you can conveniently bring your computer, especially if you’re traveling for work.

Items To Include in Your Bag

So, now you have the perfect bag, the next thing you’ll need to figure out is how to pack wisely so that you won’t forget anything without having to bring everything (which mostly are stuff you won’t probably use, anyway). It might be a great help to make a list of everything that you’ll need. If it’s a two-day trip, you can list down what outfits you’ll wear for those days. Include bags, shoes, and accessories in your OOTD plans for each day.

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The types of clothes to bring will depend on the nature of your trip. If it’s mainly for business, then your bag should consist mostly of formal to smart casual clothes and at least one attire for a meeting or conference that requires an elegant dress or coat and tie.

Conversely, if it’s a leisure trip with friends or family, you can be more casual with clothing options. Beach attire, for example, is generally lighter and more comfortable compared to formal clothes.

Packing Hacks to Remember

Along with your clothes, don’t forget to list other essentials as well. Are you going to the beach? If so, some of the essentials that you need to pack are sunscreen, swimwear, hats, beach towels, and a pair of sunglasses. The list will vary depending on where you’ll be going and the types of activities that you’ll be doing there.

If you’re traveling for business, pack all your gadgets and tech devices together. Phone chargers, laptops, tablets, and power banks should be kept in one bag so you can easily carry them along with your personal stuff.

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Of course, remember the documents and business papers that you need to bring, as well. A sturdy briefcase should be enough to fit all your office documents. Just be sure to care for your leather briefcase by carrying it with you all the time. Don’t leave it anywhere, or you might end up missing your flight in case you lost it somewhere with all the important documents for the trip.

In addition, here are more packing hacks that you may want to keep in mind:

Lay all your stuff in one place or corner before putting them inside the bag. That way, you can double-check if everything is already there. It’s also a good practice to see if the outfits you’ve planned go well with the accessories.

Choose clothing items that are multi-purpose, such as pants that are made from light fabric, which you can wear to a casual lunch out or when strolling around town.

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Put heavier stuff at the bottom of the bag. Smaller and delicate items are better placed over the top or in-between spaces so you can have more room for other things.

Roll your clothes instead of folding them. Folded clothes take more space in weekender bags, and they’re also more prone to wrinkling.

Pack your toiletries in one small bag or zip-top container. Make sure all liquid items are tightly closed so they won’t spill. Be mindful of restricted items if you’re traveling by plane. It’s best to bring smaller containers or travel sizes so you can avoid getting flagged at the airport. Plus, little containers save space, too.

Check your accommodation or hotel if there are already toiletries included in their amenities, so you no longer have to bring any. In some instances, towels and hairdryers are also provided by hotels or resorts, so that’s two fewer items to pack.

Place all essential things and documents in your personal bag. You don’t want to be cramming in the airport just because you can’t find your passport. Your wallet, keys, IDs, and medications that you can’t travel without should be in your person at all times.

Determine how many pairs of shoes you should bring for the trip. If you can make do with just one or two pairs, better. Still, you can’t let that get in the way of staying stylish while traveling. Don’t forget to bring extra pairs of socks and underwear.

Final Words

Packing for an overnight or weekend trip shouldn’t be too difficult as long as you know some tips and hacks to make it work. The key is to know which among the different weekender bags would suit your needs as a stylish traveler. You can also save the tips above just in case you’re going out on a trip soon and you’re falling short of some packing hacks that could make your life easier.

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