Total Look: Denim, Black, White, Red – The Concept & Outfits

The concept of «total look» can refer to a set of 2 cases:

  1. when it is composed entirely of things one brand;
  2. if all or almost all the components of the image designed in the same color palette.

With the first option is more or less clear: the fashion houses gladly represent women ready-made solutions and displays, in the form lookbook on the pages of online stores.

But with a set of one color is much less clear. We will understand how to make a total look!

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Total look: white, black or grey

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Achromatic colors (black, white, and gray in all shades) are well suited for the creation of a total look. The resulting set will look laconic and stylish.

Importantly, do not forget that the things for the image should be selected without prints and tone on tone, and not just in the shades of the same color.

Only in this way, the image looks the most expressive and holistic look at the photos. Incidentally, it is generally true not only for the achromatic color but for all sets in the art total look.

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Every fashion-girl who starts experimenting with images in a uniform color scheme is very important to know that this total look is quite a powerful message directly related to the psychology of visual perception of each color.

Therefore it is necessary to understand what impression you will make, dressing in such a way, and take this into account.

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So the total look white is associated with purity and freshness, gray – with cold and emotionless, total look black – with drama and aloofness.

Total look: denim and chromatic colors

By and large, you can make a total look over in any of the shades of the chromatic colors. Options bright colors will look the most active, so the features of their perception are useful to consider in more detail.

As lightening or darkening shades intensity of colors and therefore the power produced will decrease impressions.

Total look in orange or yellow – a typical summer version, looks very bright, positive, and encourages reckless actions.

Not every woman is able to comfortably wear a number of citrus colors, but if you dare, the cheerfulness, energy, and sea communication are almost guaranteed.

Less daring can recommend trying to start a beach set in the art total look. Set total look in shades of blue hardly manage to surprise someone.

Such a solution is common and safe. If you try to create a version of the sapphire in color, it will look even more interesting than using a spectral blue.

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Total look red – a choice of bold and sexy. If you are ready to bring the views or challenge the others, then this solution is for you.

It is suitable as an option for the evening, for example can wear the gown or tuxedo in red. Well, wine or cherry business suit with matching shoes could afford female executives who need to express themselves clearly and to emphasize the leadership position.

It is quite another stay in the green, turquoise, aquamarine shades, and other variants of the blue-green spectrum.

This total look looks nice, fresh, and attractive, but not too flashy. Suitable for an evening out, and every day. But informal sets, the range in pure form should be avoided so as not to look serious.

As for the purple, medium and avoid dark colors because the total look in shades adds the age and looks weird. As the color of mystics purple requires a fairly metered use.

The ideal solution would be the displayed range, for example, a total look in lavender. It looks so gentle and charming choice, perfect for a date, a photoshoot, a casual stroll.

Win-win situation – total look denim with dark navy blue pumps. This combination is perfect for everyday wear and will look stylish if you decide to visit a party with colleagues after work.

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Creating total looks, better not to take a very dark and, conversely, very bright color options. The first is able to make an image of an overweight, the latter often turns a girl with a bright color looks pale mole. So brunettes generally better to experiment with bright and slightly tinted colors.

Total look – the solution is not for every day. But this technique when used skillfully helps you to manage the impression produced, sometimes chaining all views, and at other times showing detachment. Use all the interesting things the fashion world to achieve their goals!

More outfit ideas for the total look:

All peach total look stylish and beautiful.

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All nude total look. The outfit is perfect for holiday.

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All khaki total look: it is an ideal image for city ​​walks.

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All light green total look. Romantic and cute image.

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All gray total look is an outfit for self-confident and strong women.

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All emerald green total look: it is an ideal image for office and city ​​walks.

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All dark brown total look, look sexy and unusually.

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All burgundy total look: it is strictly and unusual.

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All beige total look: it is a cute and romantic image.

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All blue total look. The outfit is perfect for everyday wear.

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All banana yellow total look. It is perfect for holiday.

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All light pink total look. The outfit is perfect for office.

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