Olivia Palermo: Street Style

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    olivia palermoToday more and more bloggers and fashion magazines are paying attention to the phenomenon of style it-girl Olivia Palermo. Phenomenon can be called because of the simultaneous combination of the usual things that are more than adapted to life with brands mass – market and the classic color schemes.

    Olivia Palermo can not be called the pioneer in the field of style and fashion, but certainly its image in 99% perfect. In keeping with current trends, it follows the fashion, not trying to create something new.

    Despite the simplicity of this “modern classics”, it – girl always falls into the “apple”, looks stylish and immaculate. Olivia Palermo street style does not create trends, it emphasizes their flawless.

    Features of Olivia Palermo Fashion

    Love for jackets and blazers

    Olivia feeds unending love for the multilayered images, completing their bright or black jacket. Choosing different prints, colors and textures, it blends harmoniously with them in stylistic ensemble. Images with jackets and coats Olivia skillfully combines with various trousers, pants, shorts and jeans. You can see in the photo that Olivia chooses a completely different cut from the short jacket in the style of the classic Chanel and options to double-breasted jackets direct style 80’s.

    Olivia Palermo street style

    Leopard print

    Olivia Palermo is often possible to meet with the “leopard” accessory. Shoes, sunglasses, belts and bags fit perfectly and complement the basic look. You’ll never see Olivia, dressed in a “leopard” from head to toe, its maximum – that’s one thing harmoniously with others.

    Olivia Palermo fashion

    Military style

    Quite often, Olivia creates his images with clothing in military style. She loves to wear parks, coats and other clothing khaki. But with all this, it never changes femininity. Shoes “heels”, and other items of clothing from the more feminine materials are always accompanied in the preparation of the image.

    Olivia Palermo military style


    Shoes Oxfords rightfully occupy a leading position in the list of the most comfortable shoes for the city. Their impossible not to love! Olivia Palermo is often sets them, preferring Oxfords silver and black colors, combining them with skirts, trousers and shorts.

    Olivia Palermo fashion style

    Print – mix

    Olivia sometimes mixes different prints, usually carrying one form of no more than two. This is quite a bold version, which only dare a real fashionista.

    Olivia Palermo print mix

    In an interview, Palermo replied to the question of how exactly it chooses outfits themselves, and what is her personal style theory. The answer was quite simple, “The main thing – to start small, with a single accessory or part, and the rest will develop the inner intuition and inspiration. Always listen to your mood and desires.

    More outfits from Olivia Palermo:

    Olivia Palermo in long emerald green coat. Image is extraordinary and unusual

    Olivia Palermo in light blue pencil skirt and black shirt looks sexy and stylish

    Olivia Palermo in gray long vest with red handbag: it is stylish and strictly

    Olivia Palermo in gingham skater dress with open decollete looks courage and unusually

    Olivia Palermo in black and beige sneakers and gray coat: it is ideal image for city ​​walks

    Olivia Palermo in beige trench coat and coral shirt: it is perfect image for a romantic date

    Olivia Palermo in black pants with yellow stripes. Outfit is perfect for holiday

    Olivia Palermo in utility jacket and khaki jeans. Romantic and cute image.

    Olivia Palermo in terracota sweater and bordeaux skinnies shows us how easy it is to combine incongruous, if you have the impeccable sense of style.

    Olivia Palermo in light burgundy cardigan and ripped skinnies: it is ideal image for city ​​walks

    Olivia Palermo in printed poncho and over-the-knee boots looks sexy and unusually

    Olivia Palermo in marsala maxi pleated dress: it is cute and romantic image


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