Mom Jeans Outfit Ideas: when Handing Down Gets Replaced with Handing up

If you’re confused about what to wear with mom jeans you really shouldn’t be: they’re just ordinary jeans which means they go well with pretty much any kind of top and footwear.

It doesn’t mean you can’t use our tips on how to wear mom jeans though.

Wanna create astonishing looks that would take casual to a whole new level? Then welcome to this inspirational post with lots and lots of mom jeans outfit ideas that we’ve picked for you!

Body Types and Mom Jeans Outfits

You can go for almost any top that fell out from your closet at random and the cheapest pair of flip-flops and you’ll look amazing but the problem is: you have to have the right body type to feel gorgeous and confident enough to pull off this look. And it’s not even about the number on the scales.

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  • First of all such jeans make your butt look flat and with fitness popularization, we’re all witnessing you probably would want just the opposite. Of course, you could go for a skinny and stretchy pair to how all the curves but let’s be honest – that’s not gonna be a mom jeans outfit anymore.
  • On top of that most women feel self-conscious about that nasty belly fat high waist loose jeans bring out like no other bottom. There’re two ways to overcome the hurdle: either get rid of it or just embrace it. Just look at how cute plump girls in mom jeans are! That’s what real street fashion is.
  • Last but not least: mum jeans have to have relatively loose cut to look authentic just cause there was no stretchy denim back then. This is why it might add volume to your thighs and legs. Not that it’s a problem as long as you love your body, just saying so that you could think of the best ways to wear mom jeans for your body type specifically.
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Authentic Mom Leans Attributes

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What kind of style in jeans do you call mom jeans? Is it just any denim that looks old school or does there have to be any peculiar features?

Remember those TV shows from the ’80s? Well, trying to find a pair that would look like one of the main female characters is all its gonna take.

  • High waist. There’re plenty of high waist jeans available, but you’ll only get mom jeans if you stick with all the other criteria.
  • Old school denim. If it doesn’t stretch and you can feel the authentic denim texture go for it – that’s exactly what we’re looking for.
  • Crop or rolled up. Just make sure they are cropped or at least look nice when you roll them up.
  • Loose cut. And avoid ones that are too tight – mom jeans are not about letting people know you’ve got amazing legs.
  • No tears and rips. This one is optional, but classy mom jeans shouldn’t be distressed. It’s enough to remember how critical our parents were about ripped jeans when they just came in fashion to understand that’s not something they’d wear when they were young.
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Endless Mom Jeans Outfit Ideas

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We’ve already told you that mom jeans go well with anything as long as your body takes kindly to this type of cut but what exactly can you wear to look both casual and stunning?

The number of potential outfits is just endless: pointed-toes and a tucked-in blouse for a cute outfit with mom jeans, crop top and a pair of creepers for a rebellious and a simple tank-top with sandals just to go shopping or walk your dog.

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Brogues, sneakers, pumps, ankle boots – mom jeans will look surprisingly natural with any kind of footwear.

And if you’re still not sure about the top go for a white shirt, a black turtleneck, or a pullover. There’s no way you won’t look old school yet trendy wearing these.

The high waist does have to show though so either tuck in or tie the shirt. Otherwise, what’s the point of wearing mom jeans, right?

Mom jeans and plaid jacket with brown leather sandals. Image is extraordinary and unusual

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Black mom jeans and white trainers with gray T-shirt look sexy and stylish.

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Mom jeans and white converse with a gray T-shirt is an unusual image that you see not every girl.

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Mom jeans and gray coat with white converse: it is stylish and strictly.

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Mom jeans and light pink fabulous trench with sky blue heels: it is a perfect image for a romantic date.

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Mom jeans and mint green knitted cardigan with black fedora hat look courage and unusually.

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Mom jeans and black floral print cardigan with black leather heels look stylish and beautiful.

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Mom jeans and floral blouse with a pink clutch: it is an ideal image for city ​​walks.

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Mom jeans and a lilac button-up shirt. Romantic and cute image.

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Mom jeans and leather jacket with black oxford shoes look sexy and unusually.

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Mom jeans and light brown jacket with black converse. It is a perfect image for everyday wear.

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Mom jeans and biker jacket with white top it is an interesting combination.

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