Marilyn Monroe’s Style

In 1950, Marilyn Monroe was the standard of beauty for men and women. It combines natural beauty and sexuality.

Monroe graced the covers of magazines, she was the face of numerous advertising campaigns, the famous actress and singer. She was a real star and style icon although she had not a great talent.

The characteristics of the image of Marilyn

Style Marilyn Monroe is body-fashion.

Marilyn Monroe wore tight-fitting outfits that emphasize the dignity of her figure. It was frankly erotic things.

Mostly with a deep neckline, open back and shoulders, with cuts that emphasize the harmony of the feet. Most of them were made from thin streaming fabrics.

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She also wore a fur coat or a coat of ermine, fox, marten, or mink. She chose things in a romantic style, New Look, Pin-Up.

At the same time, her clothes were diverse – from sweaters and shirts to elegant evening gowns. But every item of Marilyn’s clothing emphasized her curvy figure.

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The mystery of Marilyn Monroe

An integral part of her image had blond coiffed hair, snow-white smile, and flirtatious gait. Women watch closely and copied her image as the actress appears on the screen and in life.

What was the mystery of Marilyn Monroe? She successfully chose hair color, hairstyle.

Marilyn was able to show her beautiful nature, the natural beauty of the body, spectacular breasts, small waist, slim legs. And it is so pleasant to men of all time.

An integral part of Monroe’s image was also red lips. Scarlet lipstick emphasizes its beauty and fullness.

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Much work was hidden behind the external beauty and relaxed naturalness. Marilyn Monroe carefully considers her image: facial expressions, gait, gestures, movements, words.

She took lessons in speech techniques and plastics. The actress had their secrets to care about the face and body. She avoided sunburn, prefer bright and healthy skin.

How to be like Marilyn

Show the world your beauty for fine imitation of Marilyn’s style.

To do this, you can select the form-fitting pencil skirts, close-fitting dress with a neckline, with a belt at the waist, dress with a cut in the form of the heart, which will emphasize your breasts, skirts, pleated dresses, wallets, dresses a-line, evening dresses, tops open shoulders, blouses, and dresses in a tight-fitting bodice, shirts with ties, oxford shirts, cardigans, shirts, breeches, trousers, and jeans with a high waist, jackets, tank tops, bustier, coats, fur coats, capes, and coats.

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And do not forget about the good mood and shoes with high heels. Because Marilyn said: «I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot».

Outfits in Marilyn Monroe’s style:

Marilyn Monroe in a green maxi skirt and black jacket. The outfit is perfect for everyday wear.

Marilyn in green maxi skirtPin

Marilyn Monroe in Fuschia jumpsuit: it is a cute and romantic image.

Marilyn Monroe in fuschia jumpsuitPin

Denim shirt and floral printed mini skirt in Marilyn Monroe’s style. It is a perfect image for everyday wear.

floral printed mini skirt in Marilyn Monroe’s stylePin

Marilyn Monroe in an embroidered midi dress is a great explanation of why this woman is recognized as a sex symbol and style icon.

Marilyn in embroidered midi dressPin

Marilyn Monroe in a black button-up midi dress. It is perfect for holiday.

Marilyn Monroe in black button up dressPin

White plisse dress in Marilyn Monroe’s style. Perfect summer image.

white plisse dress in Marilyn Monroe’s stylePin

Marilyn Monroe in striped pants and black jumper. Image is extraordinary and unusual.

Marilyn in striped pantsPin

Marilyn Monroe in seafoam green bando with a bow look sexy and stylish.

Marilyn in seafoam green bando with bowPin

Marilyn Monroe in a red sequined maxi dress: it is stylish and strictly.

Marilyn Monroe in red sequined dressPin

Marilyn Monroe in a printed trench coat and white pumps look courage and unusually

Marilyn Monroe in printed trench coatPin

Marilyn Monroe’s wedding dress: it is a perfect image for a romantic date

Marilyn Monroe’s wedding dressPin

Marilyn Monroe in little black dress look stylish and beautiful

Marilyn Monroe in little black dressPin
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