How to Wear Zebra Print in 2021? The Best Outfits

zebra print dress

What to wear with zebra print:

Matching colors is hard enough but with prints, it’s even more challenging, especially if we are talking about animal prints here. Not only do they look tacky when combined with floral, tribal, or other animal patterns, but they also make you feel confused about the choice of colors.

Outfits with zebra print and neon details will make you look sassy and daring without crossing the line. If you’re not sure how to wear zebra print pants try pairing them with neon green shoes and a plain blacktop. Hot pink or lemon yellow will also do the trick as long as you stick with the golden rule: both zebra print and neon accessories should make about 50% of the outfit. All the rest is reserved for neutrals such as gray, black, white, or beige.

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what colors go with Zebra Print

If you’re in a rush and have no time to think what to wear with zebra print go with either black or white.

You’re gonna look classy in a non-boring way wearing a zebra jacket over a white turtleneck paired with a tea-length white skirt.

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Outfit Ideas for Zebra Print:

Zebra printed leggings with white Nike trainers and sports top: it is an ideal image for home

outfit with zebra printed leggings

Zebra printed high heels with a red pantsuit. The outfit is perfect for office

outfit with zebra printed heels

Zebra printed handbag and burgundy fedora hat: it is an ideal image for city ​​walks

outfit with zebra printed handbag

Zebra printed coat with a mint green blouse. Image is extraordinary and unusual

outfit with zebra printed coat

Zebra printed cardigan with khaki green skinny pants is an ultra-stylish outfit that every day is gaining popularity.

how to wear zebra printed cardigan

Zebra printed top with black leather pants and white blazer look sexy and stylish

how to wear zebra printed top

Zebra printed skinny pants and a black leather jacket. The outfit is perfect for everyday wear

how to wear zebra printed skinny pants

Zebra printed pumps with light blue boyfriend jeans it is an interesting combination

how to wear zebra printed pumps

Zebra printed pencil skirt with yellow openwork cardigan: it is an ideal image for office and city ​​walks

what to wear with zebra printed pencil skirt

Zebra printed mini skirt with gray graphic tee look courage and unusually

what to wear with zebra printed mini skirt

Zebra printed midi dress with gold pumps and a yellow necklace. The outfit is perfect for holiday

what to wear with zebra printed midi dress

Zebra printed maxi skirt, salmon purse and cream shirt look courage and unusually

what to wear with zebra printed maxi skirt


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