How to Wear Thigh High Socks? 12 Ways

Thigh high socks have always been a practical and fashionable accessory, recently they have become even more popular.

And the trend is not in the usual socks, length below the knee, and the elongated model. Thigh-high socks are like stockings and wear them the same – above the knee, but the thigh-high socks are much denser than normal stockings.

Hence, perhaps, many people have the wrong association: they believe that thigh high socks are too provocative stockings and women donning the fashion accessory – vulgar.

So, how to wear thigh high socks to not look vulgar and how to choose them? These thigh high socks are also called hessian boots.

Their so-called because of the apparent similarity with those boots, they can be of different lengths above the knee or mid-thigh.

They have long ceased to apply to underwear, and then hide under long skirts or trousers it is not necessary.

Black or gray thigh-high socks medium or high density is a real godsend for the fashionista. They can accentuate the legs and hide flaws.

The thigh-high sock is a universal accessory that can be combined both with casual clothes and festive attire.

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The best ways to wear thigh high socks

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Today buy beautiful original thigh high socks is not difficult – sales are represented in a wide range. All kinds of models and colors.

Classic black, and similar to the first-grade thigh high socks white, pink and glamorous, and the “cold” blue and multi-colored pattern, lace or vertical pattern visually lengthens the leg.

Some models especially will like the romantic ladies, as are decorated with ribbons, bows made ​​of satin or velvet.

How to wear thigh high socks casually?

In the everyday image, made in the style of casual, thigh-high socks will look very harmonious. Classic black thigh high socks can be worn with a denim skirt, beautiful shoes on a high, but not thin heel and strict jacket.

But this thing can be worn with ballet flats and a woolen skirt. Such images always look attractive and impressive.

The most beautiful image completes with thigh high socks, created in grunge style.

It is characterized by large-knitted sweaters free cut, shirt, similar to the male, rough shoes, shoes, or boots on the thick heel. Bright decorations or shine there will not be appropriate, in priority is simple.

This thing can be worn with short shorts with a high waist, the skirt or wool jersey dress and a jacket, black leather jackets. In the autumn of the image can be supplemented with a scarf – LIC, cap or beret.

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Romantic image for the ladies can combine the following: dense black thigh high socks or dark gray, bright dress with short flared skirt and suede boots low. Instead, you can wear a tartan skirt.

Regardless of what color thigh high socks to wear, you should always remember one firm rule: do not wear them on bare feet. For this girl in the wardrobe should be flesh-colored tights.

Shoes to wear with thigh high socks

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Under each pair of thigh high socks and every outfit, shoes should be individualized. It is necessary to take into account the color combinations, the availability of accessories, and of course the season.

With thigh, high socks should never wear shoes with open toes or heels. It’s not pretty, is not appropriate, and just tasteless, discard these trendy combinations.

With any outfit would look beautiful shoes on a platform or at a low sole. For example, boots, loafers, oxfords, and even shoes in men’s style.

As for shoes with a heel and pointed toe, with thigh high socks they are not relevant, but the thick-heeled shoes with a rounded toe and the most it.

So, before you finally decide which pair of shoes you wear with thigh high socks look at the whole outfit as a whole.

More outfit ideas for thigh high socks:

White thigh high socks with camel ankle boots: it is a perfect image for a romantic date.

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Thigh-high socks with trainers and a black tube skirt. The outfit is perfect for everyday wear.

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Plaid sheath mini dress and thigh-high socks. Perfect autumn image.

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Ethnic oversized sweater with thigh high socks: it is strictly and unusual.

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Grey thigh high socks with dark blue coat and beanie look sexy and stylish.

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Fishnet black thigh high socks with a floral printed dress. Romantic and cute image.

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Thigh-high socks with an ethnic printed cardigan and tank top is a great mixture of candor with mystery, playfulness with diligence.

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Camouflage parka with a white mini dress and high socks look courage and unusually.

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Burgundy thigh high socks with a circle skirt and ankle boots. It is perfect for holiday.

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Black thigh high socks with flats and school plaid skirt: it is an ideal image for city ​​walks.

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Black thigh high socks with Bordeaux skater dress look sexy and unusually.

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Knitted gray thigh high socks with beige mary jane heels it is an interesting combination.

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