How to Wear Over-the-Knee boots in 2021?

over the knee boots

Girls are divided into two types: the first is those who have already bought Over-the-Knee boots and waits for the first frosts to get them on the street; second is those who have not yet decided to buy the Over-the-Knee boots because he believes that they look defiantly tasteless. No matter what type you consider yourself, our review may help you change your attitude towards jackboots, or to discover new options, what to wear Over-the-Knee boots.

Over the Knee boots, trends are the best in fashion for the past few years.

High boots, among other, remarkably warm female fragile feet, wrap them with care, peace, and comfort. Properly fitted items of clothing and accessories will make others admire. And remember, this shoe makes a strong impression on those around, so be prepared to collect the admiring glances of men and women envious glances!

What to Wear With Over-the-Knee Boots?

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To Wear Over-the-Knee boots with a dress

Over-the-Knee boots impressive look with dresses, especially if they are properly matched to them. To dress fits Over-the-Knee boots with a round nose and rather a narrow leg. The dress can cover the top of boots or end with 5-10 centimeters above. If the gap between the dress and the boots are visible pantyhose, opaque solid color suit only model without a pattern or mesh. It is risky to wear Over-the-Knee boots with short dresses, but if you do go to this step, the dress must be modest and closed (for example, wool sweater dress with long sleeves and high neck).

what to wear with over the knee boots

Over-the-Knee boots: how to wear a skirt

When combined Over-the-Knee boots with a skirt the same rules apply as with Over-the-Knee boots and dress. Short skirt looks went with high boots, especially if it is made of leather or sitting on the hips in tight. However, with too long skirts such boots will look rough. Count on something in between, for example, the bell skirt to the knee or a pencil skirt that ends a little above the knee. To heat in the boots, you can wear socks – in which case they should be dark tights and finish no higher than patella.

How to Wear Over-the-Knee boots with jeans?

The only jeans, which are appropriate to wear Over-the-Knee boots is skinny. Direct models and even pants-pipes are best avoided, not to mention the wide jeans and riding breeches. In no case do not wear high boots with sports pants…

But Over-the-Knee boots combined with skinny jeans are associated with trendy military-style, if you add them to the coat – overcoat or jacket with gold buttons.

over the knee boots how to wear

Over-the-Knee boots: how to wear with leggings

Many girls prefer to wear Over-the-Knee boots with leggings. If the slim figure allows, you cannot deny yourself this, but do not forget to wear over leggings always something long: cardigan, shirt, or sweater. Leggings of color should always be united with boots. Comfortable black leggings with black Over-the-Knee boots until nothing came up.

To Wear Over-the-Knee boots with a coat

By Over-the-Knee boots fit almost any outerwear, except for down jackets and coats. Pick them trench, short or long form-fitting coats, coat-jacket in the men’s style of plain coat or fur. The hem of the garment may cover part of the boot or end above it, but the distance between the top of the boot and the hem of the coat should not be more than 10 centimeters, especially if you are wearing flesh-colored tights.

over the knee boots trend

What not to wear Over-the-Knee boots?

Over-the-Knee boots almost always tasteless look with shorts, the model and the material shorts principle irrelevant. About wide jeans and trousers we mentioned above, but also with skinny jeans jackboots look ugly if jeans and boots “frown” the entire length of the legs.

Even if you have found your beautiful Over-the-Knee boots which sit beautifully and emphasize your long legs, never wear their clothes with the caller screaming colors, from multi-colored fur, transparent lace or even any clothes to which begs the word sexy. Otherwise, you are expected not only admiring glances of men, but the whistle, and frank molestation.

What not to wear Over the Knee boots

More outfit ideas with over the knee boots:

White over the knee boots with a white lace dress. The outfit is perfect for everyday wear

Camel over thee knee boots and cream oversized sweater is a harmonious mix of elegance and boldness.

Over the knee boots with a lace skirt and baby blue sweater: it is a cute and romantic image

Gray over the knee boots and burgundy knitted tunic. It is a perfect image for everyday wear

Over the knee boots with a forest green coat. Perfect autumn image

Black over the knee boots with a denim shirt dress. It is perfect for holiday

Dark brown over the knee boots and camel cardigan. The outfit is perfect for office

Burgundy over the knee boots with ivory chiffon shirt. Image is extraordinary and unusual

Bordeaux over the knee boots and white knitted tunic look sexy and stylish

Boho printed dress and black over the knee boots: it is stylish and strictly

Beige over the knee boots with green knitted sweater look courage and unusually

Nude over the knee boots with a black total look: it is a perfect image for a romantic date

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