How to Wear Long Skirts without Looking Like a Nun in 2021

We all know that long skirts are back in fashion but a lot has changed since the last time they were this popular. In fact, most women still associate long skirts with weddings, proms, and other big events that make long skirt outfits one of the most overlooked casual trends. Feel curious about how to wear long skirts right? Here’s our guide on how to accomplish the most rocking looks!

Long Skirt Outfits to be Worn in Your Everyday Life

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Talking about long skirt outfit ideas we mean any skirt that’s tea-length or longer but when it comes to the cut it doesn’t really make a difference. Circular voluminous skirts will do just as well as body-conscious straight ones.

With the help of a long skirt, you can create all kinds of styles from light summer looks to rock diva ones depending on what you choose to match it with.

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  • This type is typically the only one that goes on your hips, not your waist. Such skirts were really in a while ago but even now after the craze has ceased you won’t find a better option for a leisure walk along the seaside. Match it accordingly with a pair of fancy flip-flops or flat sandals, a broad-brimmed straw hat, and sunglasses.
  • Tulle makes for really cute outfits with long skirts, but it’s sometimes hard to figure out the best ways to wear long skirts of this kind by yourself. We suggest that you get a very simple plain top cause a tulle skirt is usually bright enough and add a pair of pumps or brogues to the look.
  • Body-conscious long jersey skirts create the style that has driven crazy thousands of men, cause there’s no need to tell you how sexy we look wearing those. You can go classy matching choosing pumps and a tight top or you can go rebellious and go for rough lace-up boots and a loose T-shirt.
  • You might think that long denim skirts are long gone but you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to pull off this style if you know what to wear with long skirts made of denim. Planning to look feminine and exquisite? Then probably skip this point and keep searching for options. Striving to look edgy and unconventional? Then it’s exactly what you need! As long as you have a pair of slip-on and a tank top you’ll look really trendy in your button-down denim skirt which is the best cut you can currently go for.
  • If femininity could be a thing it would be a light circular floral print skirt. Paired with a tight blouse or a top it’ll bring out your sexuality in a modest way without screaming about it too loudly. As for the footwear, both flats and pumps go well here, even though high heels are still more common.

outfit ideas with lon skirt

Tip: When your bottom is completely closed your top shouldn’t leave much to the imagination unless you’re aiming for a hipster androgynous look. We don’t mean it has to be a tiny strapless crop top, but at least go for tops that are tight enough to accentuate the curves.

Extreme Ways to Wear a Classy Circular Long Skirt

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If you haven’t tried out this new trend of wearing long skirts and sneakers you’ve misses a lot of perplexed stares on the street. Just kidding. Even though someone doesn’t understand this idea it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it if you feel like it. Converse or Vans are not an option though if you wanna be part of this trend go for regular running sneakers.

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Another way to look weird yet charming is to match a long skirt with a pullover or even a sweatshirt. You’ll feel surprisingly cozy and to support this feeling you’ll have to give up pumps at least for a while. Give your feet a favor and switch to loafers, espadrilles, boots, or trainers this time. And the last tip: just go with your gut. We believe it sometimes can advise more than fashion experts can!

White and black striped long skirt with a jeans jacket and white trainers. It is a perfect image for everyday wear

a tribal print long skirt with jeans button up shirt look courage and unusually

Light brown long skirt with an ivory T-shirt and light gray blanket scarf.  The outfit is perfect for office

White and blueprint long skirt with cream knitted top look sexy and stylish

Ethnic printed long skirt with a brown handbag and white tee: it is a perfect image for a romantic date

Mustard yellow long skirt with loe clutch and white lace top. The outfit is perfect for a holiday

Floral gypsy long skirt with beige heels and white top this is an image, which gives the romantic and dreamy to any girl.

Pink long skirt with a striped blazer and white top: it is a cute and romantic image

Floral printed long skirt with a white crop top look stylish and beautiful

Tribal print long skirt with a black top and dark red blanket scarf: it is an ideal image for office and city ​​walks

Pleated turquoise long skirt with cream lace crop tee and earrings. The outfit is perfect for a holiday

Ivory and navy blue long skirt with dark blue lace crop tee: it is strictly and unusual

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