How to Wear a Peplum Top?

Along with the trend of the 50s, is back in vogue a peplum top or a peplum blouse. This item is in a traditional costume that looks like a strip of fabric sewn to the waist.

The collections of the season designers have proposed a variety of options for the form, length, and material bass voice.

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The History of The Peplum

Peplum appeared in Europe as a consequence of borrowing suit Frenchmen this element of traditional costume Basque.

At the bustle, it was designed to enhance the contrast and to emphasize the silhouette slim waist, which was corseted.

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The revival of the peplum had on the 50s, when, after years of heavy military-style is back femininity.

The peplum fashion designer presented a new life was Cristobal Balenciaga. Soon after Christian Dior made ​​the peplum part of the famous silhouette of New Look.

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What to Wear with a Peplum Top?

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This season, the peplum top was added to collections, which are very different in style brands. Designers have used unusual materials for this part – from lace to leather.

Constructions of peplum have different lengths and shapes. Somewhere it departs only slightly from the hips, somewhere almost perpendicular to them.

There are many options, how to wear a peplum top in various styles of women’s clothing, we explain the most worthy of them.

The basic rule of etiquette – to choose the right pair of decent and not burden the image of bulky accessories.

The classic combination – a peplum top and pencil skirt.

The color can be both identical and contrast. The white peplum top looks great with a black skirt and a red, blue or brown.

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Fabric with print is rarely used when sewing the peplum top because folds distort any image. The exception is an outright abstraction and small peas.

Pencil skirt with bright floral ornaments or vertical stripes with solid color peplum top will look incredibly impressive.

Ways to Wear a peplum top with accessories: they and footwear should be selected to match any top or in one of the colors present on the skirt.

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Other Ways to Wear a Peplum Top

The trousers for a peplum top have to choose narrow. It can be pants-pipes, straight trousers with arrows, skinny jeans or leggings.

Pants with arrows is an excellent choice for business style outfit, pick him a bright top with not very wide a peplum top. The perfect way for peplum – black skinny jeans outfit.

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Outfit with jeans is one of the best ways to wear tops from simple fabrics – cotton or fine knitwear.

For the trip to the café or to a party, choose tops with lace a peplum,  as well as clothes made ​​of satin and velvet, combining them with trousers of expensive smooth materials – satin, silk, leather.

Young fashionistas can safely wear bright leggings and equally cheerful top with a peplum top.

We recommend to pay attention to the broad peplum, which is behind a little longer than the front – this tank is partially or completely covers the buttocks and hiding the tummy, so leggings can afford a girl with a not quite perfect figure.

Note that a peplum top visually reduces growth.

If you – pretty low, be sure to add image heels. A long-legged girl may be advisable to a peplum top leggings 7/8 length – elegant and simple combination of both.

How to wear a black peplum top: some tips

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Black peplum top with a black pencil skirt – complete no less spectacular. It is necessary to supplement it with gold accessories, and you can go to the theater, and in combination with beige shoes and restrained ornamentation this outfit perfect for office work and business negotiations.

There is nothing easier than to create a feminine image with a stamp black peplum top. Suffice it to wear trousers in the same color, but to the overall impression has not turned out too dull, choose bright pink shoes with prints and a jacket.

A peplum top is a bright accessory, so do not overload the image details. The most common option to combine with the dress is a jacket, the main condition for its selection is a prerequisite, it is necessary that he covered the peplum completely!

Over a peplum top, you can put on a short jacket, with the peplum left in plain sight. As color outerwear selected k the contrasting with a peplum top.

More outfit ideas for a peplum top:

Black and white striped peplum top with camel pants look courage and unusually.

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Red peplum top with faded denim capri pants: it is a perfect image for a romantic date.

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White peplum top and blue polka dot skinny pants. The outfit is perfect for office.

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Plaid peplum top with skinny jeans and red pumps look courage and unusually.

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Mint peplum top with magenta pants and beige handbag. It is perfect for holiday.

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Light salmon peplum top and white skinny pants is a harmonious blend of elegance and courage, charm, and audacity.

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Floral printed peplum top with black leather pants: it is a perfect image for a romantic date.

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Emerald green peplum top with black necklace look stylish and beautiful.

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Eggplant peplum top with a yellow blazer and black skinnies. Romantic and cute image.

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Black leather peplum top with coral pencil skirt: it is ideal image for office and city ​​walks.

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Burgundy peplum top with chocolate brown skinnies. It is perfect image for everyday wear.

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White peplum top with a mint pencil skirt and nude pumps it is an interesting combination.

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