How to Wear a Graphic Tee in 2021? Outfits & Tips

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    graphic tee

    Even five years ago graphic tees, funny, considered the prerogative of the teenagers andnot played enough in childhoodadults. Now everything has changed. Popular brands have introduced the fashion of tops with graphic prints without a drop of doubt and combine them with everything: jeans, office trousers, and skirts, even ornate.

    How to wear a graphic tee to us, far from the podium to people?

    Suppose that the graphic tee with jeans is not shameful to wear either a teenage girl or her mother. But in the case with the image of an adult woman is one little “but”. Attire should complement the classic jacket a la Chanel from the “conservative” material like wool or tweed jacket or a men’s cut.

    We advise choosing ripped jeans or jeans with scuffed to get an interesting ensemble.

    Shoes and bags for that kind of graphic tee outfit should be stylish and look expensive.

    graphic tee outfits

    Graphic Tee Outfits with Skirt

    If you go to holiday, but democratic in terms of dress code an event (family celebration, modern theater, in a cafe with colleagues, etc.), obviously you want to look good, but not too pretentious.

    how to wear a graphic tee

    Just for these situations fit graphic tees, because it will help to make the image a little less elegant “pathetic” and more relaxed and everyday.

    Pick up a skirt to your taste. This can be a magnificent “half-circle” retro or classic pencil skirt, but of shiny fabric (for example, embroidered with sequins). The laconic style of the skirt, the “richer” to be cloth.

    Graphic tee + maxi skirt = creative tandem for publication. Go ahead, show that you have good taste and sense of style. Do not be afraid to appear at an evening event in a dress. You are young and beautiful. When, not now dare to bold experiments.

    grafic tee with skirts

    Graphic Tees in Office Style

    Graphic tee can look good in a summer work outfits, if properly “fit” in the business style. Choose a neutral color shirt. It is desirable to white with black print. Complement office trousers or skirt and blazer strict. Connect the way together to help a short necklace.

    The rest of the accessories, including bags and shoes, should be concise and not attract undue attention. “Nail” of this dress – shirt.

    Graphic tee with pantsuit is ideal for the job. If you want to add a bit of lightness and “girly” your business image, then dilute your pantsuit was a tee.

    graphic tee office style

    In this season’s fashion cropped tops, which are usually wearing not only sleeveless dresses or jackets but on top of tees and shirts. Free Graphic T-shirt, too, can play a role of such a stamp, if you wear it over a shirt and tie in a knot casually at the waist.

    Complement this outfit can be a daily “bottom”: jeans or denim skirt. It is a perfect image for a weekend in the city. As you can see, it is not necessary to have a penchant for outrageous clothing that fits well in your wardrobe graphic tee.

    More outfits with graphic tee:

    Gray knitted graphic tee with a silver sequined blazer. The outfit is perfect for everyday wear

    Gray graphic tee with plaid pencil skirt and gray booties: it is an ideal image for office and city ​​walks

    White graphic tee under a plaid shirt with black pumps is an ultra-trendy cocktail – a drop of hooliganism successfully diluted the sea of femininity!

    Classic graphic tee with skinny jeans and leo flats: it is cute and romantic image

    White graphic tee with leather pants and brown blazer. It is a perfect image for everyday wear

    Graphic tee with black leather coat and skinnies. Perfect autumn image

    Beige graphic tee with a light grey preppy blazer. The outfit is perfect for office

    The outfit is perfect for the office. It is an interesting combination

    Black graphic tee with striped boyfriend blazer: it is an ideal image for home

    Grey graphic tee and black midi pleated skirt. Image is extraordinary and unusual

    Graphic tee and nude blazer with black ripped skinnies look sexy and stylish

    Navy blue graphic tee with a striped pencil skirt: it is stylish and strictly


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