How to Wear a Fur Vest? Interesting Outfit Ideas

Let’s talk about how to wear a fur vest – a fashionable thing and warm clothing.

What Fur Vests Are the Most Popular?

In the first place, which is natural, is at the fur vest mink and sable, this expensive fur goes out of style regardless of its trends. However, it is more decoration than everyday objects.

Therefore, if you want to use fur vest permanently, select fur quality, but at a price more affordable – fox, beaver, fox.

The most popular character catches up a rabbit, but everyone knows that this is not the fur socks, 1-2 season, so the cash-strapped better to prefer artificial fur, since he represented in a huge variety.

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In addition, it is an ideal solution for those who want a vest but do not like fur for ideological reasons.

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How to Wear Fur Vest: Features of the Figure

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A fur vest is universal, it is suitable for ladies of all sizes and shapes if you choose the right structure and length fur vest. Nuance only that fur vest, his or Bring, add volume figure.

For girls who do not have problems with the figure, fit cropped jackets with zipping in the form of lightning or large buttons up to the waist belt or pants.

They underlined the proportions of your figure. Fur from which the jacket is made in this case can be fluffy and smooth.

If fur vest solid color, then times it can be to choose in the contrast that makes the waist more pronounced.

If the figure is not ideal, and the size of the waist should visually reduce costs to stay on the models of sheared furs, whose length reaches mid-thigh.

The cut they should be free, smoothing the waistline and hips. Such fur vest can be no fasteners or via tie-belt.

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Fur Vest: Outfit Ideas

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The elegant and interesting thing, fur vest attracts with its warmth and style but confuses the question of compatibility with other items of clothing.

Meanwhile, it is easy to combine. In the fall fur vest can be worn over a warm sweater with a high neck, replacing the usual light jacket.

Winter ensemble might look like a vest, worn on top of a leather jacket or a drab coat. So the appearance is more stylish without losing sheepskin coats and fur coats on the part of the heat.

There are awesome outfit ideas when combined with light clothing restrictions on wearing fur vests virtually none.

They combine well with a turtleneck, jeans, and high boots, perfectly complement the long, straight evening dress of silk long skirt, elongated jackets look great with short dresses or skirts, but in this case the heel binding.

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Complement the look of the right accessories, it can be large or ornate jewelry chain with a pendant.

But vest complements other fur accessories, such as a bag, do not recommend, otherwise they will conflict. The only possible option – one fur, one invoice.

A Fur West: Tips from Style Icons

Wanna know, how to wear fur vests in the opinion of style icons?

Well, Olivia Palermo manages to shine in a total look black. She wore a fur vest with leather trousers, blacktop, and blazer.

Color image coral added ballerinas and clutch deep cognac color. Model and designer Elle Macpherson looks like she just got back from vacation with the ski resort – she looks amazing in a brown fur vest with leather leggings, a white knitted sweater with a high neck and boots with fur trim.

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Fashion expert Stephanie Winston Volkoff looks elegant as ever in this ensemble in the same tone, the star of which is certainly the vest of blue-gray fur.

We especially like the fact that she decided to combine it with the things that have come to us from the male wardrobe.

More outfit ideas for a fur vest:

Textured fur vest with a white blouse: it is the perfect image for a romantic date.

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Short fur vest with a striped shirt and blue jeans look sexy and stylish.

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Fur vest and mustard skinnies and a leather jacket. Perfect autumn image.

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Long fur vest with light blue ripped jeans and nude pumps it is an interesting combination.

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Faux fur vest with gumboots and gingham shirt is a casual style with prey, natural accent.

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Plaid flannel shirt under faux fur vest: it is ideal image for office and city ​​walks.

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Colored fur vest and classic Timbaland look stylish and beautiful.

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Black fur vest and boho dress with cowboy boots. It is perfect for holiday.

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Denim shirt under black fur vest with leather leggings. The outfit is perfect for office.

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Faux fox fur vest with a wide belt and maxi skirt: it is a cute and romantic image.

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Beige fur vest with the floral printed mini dress: it is a perfect image for a romantic date.

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White fur vest with a black dress and black tights. The outfit is perfect for everyday wear.

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