How To Style Socks And Sneakers In These 3 Steps

Apart from providing protection and comfort, socks are also important in creating a fashionable look. However, many people struggle to choose the right pair of socks that’d match their footwear.

There are many lengths, designs, colors, textures, and brands to choose from. With this in mind, choosing the best pair of socks from the plethora of options can become quite a challenge.

Should the socks be long or short?  Plain or printed?  Is it okay to wear white socks?  These may be some of the questions you have in mind while picking a pair of socks that would go well with your wardrobe.

Socks can easily make or break your entire look, so it’s important to invest in top-quality brands of socks that can provide you comfort, protection, variety, and style. Aside from these, they should also be flexible enough to match with other items in your wardrobe. 

Here are some tips that could help you pick the best pair of socks to go with your sneakers to achieve a fashionable casual style:

1. Choose The Proper Length

When it comes to the length of the socks, the shorter varieties usually go well with casual attires, such as half-length, ankle, and no-show socks.

If you’re planning to wear sneakers with your streetwear, you can choose among those lengths and pick one that will work best for you. 

No-show socks may be the style you’re looking for if you want to make your legs look longer in a pair of sneakers, while still having the comfort and protection that socks give.

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Wearing socks that end across the ankle or at the top of your foot can make your legs appear shorter. On the one hand, no-show socks look best when worn with dresses or bottoms that expose your ankles, such as capri pants, boyfriend jeans, and shorts. 

Ankle socks, on the other hand, are the popular match for active wear. This type of socks covers the feet until the top of the ankle bone.

Since this variety has been specially designed as performance wear, it’s best paired with running sneakers. 

Half-length socks, also called trouser socks, usually don’t completely cover the calf. This type of socks is usually made with thinner fabric and can also be worn with sneakers, although they usually don’t go well with shorts.

Half-length socks are often paired with office wear and other formal types of clothing, but they’re also ideal for casual and smart-casual attires. 

2. Select The Best Color

It’s also of the essence to consider the color of your sneakers when choosing socks. Basically, you can’t just nonchalantly pick a pair socks from the drawer in this regard.

For example, black sneakers can easily match with many clothes, socks, or accessories. White sneakers, on the other hand, should be paired with plain socks with basic designs.

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They also go well with no-show socks to draw more attention to the sneakers.  If you want to experiment with colors, you can wear shorts with a pair of colorful crew-length socks. You can also pick vibrant-hued socks in shades that’d complement multicolored sneakers. 

If you’re putting together a complete casual outfit, you can base the color of your socks from the different shades in your other garments. You can also do this when choosing socks of various patterns and textures.

3. Match The Design To Your Wardrobe

It may be helpful to select all other items of clothing in your attire before choosing the pair of socks that would go with them as it should complement your entire wardrobe.

That’s why having a wide selection of socks with various styles and colors will be useful in making your outfits look cohesive and stylish. 

If you want to try a trendy look, it’s important to balance prints and patterns. For example, if you’re wearing shorts with bold patterns, solid-colored socks will be a great choice to avoid overpowering the other designs in your outfit.

You can mix, match, and adjust as needed to ensure that the colors and designs don’t clash with one another.  


Keeping your sock drawer updated and well-supplied with various choices could help you stay fashionable no matter how much your style may change and evolve over time.

Socks may be items that are given the least attention most of the time, but their importance in fashion can’t be denied.

It can also be fun to pay more attention to the socks you’re wearing every day as it can be a way to give your usual style an update or a unique twist.

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