How a Women’s Bomber Jacket can Dominate Business Casual Style

Business casual in the usual world can be really confusing as there is a lot to choose from. There are different criteria for every working place and you have to dress accordingly.

It all depends on the type of surrounding and what your work management expects from you. Thinking about the dressing, women’s leather jackets can be paired up with different pieces of clothing and can form a business casual look for women.

Women are really picky when it comes to dressing up as they want to look their best. Even when they go to their workplace in regular places they want to be dressed according to the environment and look smart.

Business casuals are great for outdoor meetings, daily office work, or even for office related surveys.

Everyone feels like office clothing and outfits are boring most of the time but we deny that statement as you can look classy in your workplace outfits, you just need to pair every piece of clothing carefully 

Have you ever thought about a women’s bomber jacket being paired with office going outfits? If not then this is your chance to experiment with your look and dress in a complete business casual outfit by layering your clothes with a quirky bomber jacket.

In this blog, we are going to talk about how you can dominate business casual style using a women’s bomber jacket. 

Just a Regular Day 

If you are going for just a regular day in the office and you want to keep it plain but chic as well we know exactly what to do.

Pick out your favorite comfortable jeans and pair a light colored shirt with them, top it off with your bomber jacket.

If you want to add a highlighting element, wear high nude heels with it having a bow or it can be simple too.

Tie your hair in a ponytail and hang a clutch on your arm, wear a wristwatch, add light gloss to your lips and your business casual look is complete.

Business Casual with Skirts 

Most women are comfortable going to the office in skirts. You can style your outfit in a way that you can add a bomber jacket to complete your look.

Wear a high waisted formal skirt or a pencil skirt, and tuck in a white peter pan necked shirt and wear pump heels.

To tweak your look a bit, wear a light patterned bomber jacket over your clothes. To add some finishing touches, let your hair down, wear a watch, add little hoops to your ears that give a shiny element, and don’t forget to put on your sunshades.  

Add a Touch of Jewelry 

You can play around with your look and it can turn out to be really attractive. You should go for a single tone in your outfit at times, it sounds boring?

Well, let us tell you what we mean. Go for solid colored cotton pants and tuck in a white or a light blue colored round neck t-shirt.

To make your look stand out, go for a statement necklace with different shades of blue, handcuff pieces are also going to give you an aesthetically pleasing look.

Lastly, wear blue kitty heels. Curl or straighten your hair and you will have a stylish business casual look. 

Wide Leg Pants

Wide leg pants are a true sense of business casual styling. To take it to the next level we know how you can make it look its best when you pair it with other clothing pieces.

Wear a  plain shirt or a plain t-shirt and slide a lightly floral bomber jacket to complete your look. Wear ankle strap heels underneath which are going to make you look elegant and alluring.

You can either let your hair down or tie a high bun and wear small danglings in your ear. Wear a handbag and you are ready for your day. 

Sweater and Suede Kinda Day 

If it’s a really chilly day outside but you don’t want to layer up a lot for the office we know exactly what you should wear.

Pick out solid colors from your wardrobe, your comfy warm jeans, and pair them with a sweater in a single color.

To keep yourself warm top your sweater with a solid colored bomber jacket and wear tan leather suede boots.

Open your hair as it is the best time to do so. Hang a nude handbag or a clutch and you will have a complete look with no doubts.  

Business Casual Dress

If you feel like wearing a dress today, take it out and pair it differently and choose the look that will suit you best. You can either go for a solid colored dress or a light floral dress that doesn’t look gaudy.

Wear a bomber jacket over your dress, but make sure that it is plain with no filling up patterns. Wear ankle strappy pump heels to enhance your look.

Tie your hair in a bun and add small pearl studs to your ears. Lastly, take a contrasting bold colored handbag. 


Business casuals depend on the type of work you do and the type of office environment you have. You wake up every day and go to work, that does not mean that your outfit has to be boring, wake up excited, looking forward to dressing up.

Feeling like dressing up differently gives you better headspace and motivation to work. So, mix and match your favorite pieces to create the look you desire. 

Yes, a bomber jacket is not just a casual look but you can pair it to be a business casual look too and so it will work best in your office.

You do not have to be casual or with friends if you want to get in your bomber jacket. Pair it with pants, skirts, or dresses it is surely going to make you feel comfortable and make you look like an office going goddess.

Empty your wardrobe and fit your office going clothing with your bomber jacket, it won’t disappoint.   

Emily Wilson

Author: Emily Wilson

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