Floral Print Trend in 2021: 22 The Best Outfits

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    floral trend

    Flowers on the clothes and accessories are the fashion trend of the summer, we will actively carry into the next season. It should be noted that the floral print of the new autumn-winter season looks a little different than his old “brother”. “Winter” flowers have a deeper, more saturated colors (burgundy, blood red, deep blue, pink) and become sharper and more.

    For example, Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana in its new collection of clothes painted on the large and bright colors in combination with the angels. The result was a floral print in the Renaissance style, which is decorated skirts, dresses, blouses, and much more, including accessories, shoes, and bags.

    A brand Burberry Prorsum offered dresses and peplum skirts with a floral pattern of muted shades of burgundy and gold on a dark chocolate background or khaki. There are also more vibrant options. At Peter Pilotto, Temperley London, and many others you will find dresses, skirts, and suits with prints as bright exotic flowers.

    Floral Fashion Trend: how to wear

    floral fashion trend

    First of all, it is worth noting a few basic rules of wearing floral print.

    1. Never wear top and bottom with the same floral pattern. So you’re like the girl in pajamas. The exceptions are the dress, but it is, if in your opinion, is too bright, it might be a “diluted” jacket or cardigan neutral color.
    2. Start small, with accessories, as well as get used to safely move on to things with flowers.
    3. Choosing clothes with floral print, consider the features of your figure. If you do not want to look like a complete, choose clothes in small or medium flowers, which are slightly “scattered” on the surface of the fabric. This outfit is not exactly added to your extra kilos. And if you can boast of ideal forms, then you can afford “flowers” of any size.
    4. floral print trendThe floral print trend is if there are accessories supplied from the same cloth. Stylish hat, belt, or feminine jewelry to help make the image complete and memorable.
    5. Clothing with floral print should ideally sit on you – never pull, pull, do not be too tight or loose.
    6. Another unwritten rule: the brighter print, the simpler style. Otherwise, they will be constantly among themselves “arguing”, and you risk looking tasteless.

    Floral Print Trend: the Combination with Other Colors

    The easiest and safest way is to combine the “flower” thing with the rest of the set of neutral colors: beige, black, white. You can add one accessory with a print. Since the image will look concise and relevant.

    trend floral

    Would you like to look brighter? Add a trend floral clothing of bright colors. The main rule is color up to shade must be the same color in print.

    Another option is to combine contrasting colors in the set. Also great combined with each other colors that are next to each other in the color spectrum (blue and blue-purple, green and yellow-green, orange and red-orange). In this case, note that the basic shade prints should contrast with the color of the rest of the set.

    Finally, in one package you can combine three shades of the same color close to the color spectrum (blue-green, green, and yellow-green).

    For example, a shirt with blue and green flower fine will be combined with yellow-green skinny jeans and add the image of a harmony green belt or a clutch of green.

    Floral Trend: the Color Nuances

    floral fashion trend how to wear

    Pastel shades combined with floral print on the same principle. Floral patterns (especially small) perfectly combined with classic denim blue. And then you get the actual outfit in the country style, which is also very popular.

    If such a combination, albeit bright, seems boring to you, try to combine the floral pattern with other prints.

    However, in this case, there is a rule. Included should be a dominant print, otherwise, the image will look congested. The combination of floral prints with other patterns occurs on two principles. Either in different prints are identical at least two colors, or in one print has a color that is not in the other.

    If the combination of prints still seems too bright, you can always trim black cardigan, jacket, or calm accessories.

    More outfit ideas with floral print:

    Floral printed high waisted shorts and white lace top. The outfit is perfect for everyday wear

    Floral printed skirt wrap skirt with striped long sleeve: it is an ideal image for office and city ​​walks

    Mint floral printed skirt and hot pink T-shirt look sexy and stylish

    Floral printed pencil skirt and orange crop top: it is a perfect image for a romantic date

    Floral printed maxi skirt and white shirt without sleeves: it is a cute and romantic image

    Floral printed jumpsuit and light brown purse is attire, which adjusts to the positive of its romance.

    Floral printed coat and periwinkle pumps look stylish and beautiful

    Blue floral printed pencil skirt with a burgundy cardigan.  Image is extraordinary and unusual

    Floral printed midi skirt and dark gray jumper. The outfit is perfect for office

    Floral printed cigarette pants and white button-up shirt: it is an ideal image for city ​​walks

    Floral printed skater dress with black thigh high socks look sexy and stylish

    Floral printed trousers with trainers and denim shirt: it is an ideal image for home


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