Eyelash Extensions: Beauty Trends for a Flawless Look

Women are always on the lookout for new beauty trends and styles to try, but one trend has been around for a while now but just seems to be getting hotter—eyelash extensions.

They have been around since ancient Egypt, when they were made from human hair or animal fur.

The lashes could also be made of feathers and gems like diamonds or gold if you had the money! More recently, in Hollywood movie history, actresses such as Elizabeth Taylor would wear them in her films to make their eyes appear larger than life.

Nowadays, eyelash extension companies are popping up everywhere with different types of lash options ranging from natural-looking lashes to those that give your eyes an almost feline appearance.

In this blog post, we will see what trends and styles make eyelash extensions a popular beauty step, along with a buying guide.

What are lash extensions?

Lash extensions are artificial lashes applied one by one to the natural eyelashes with adhesive. They can be made from synthetic or human hair, and they come in many different lengths, thicknesses, curls and colours.

Lash extensions pricing depends on what type of eyeshadow is used, how long they last for/how often you want them done and where they’re applied.

The average price ranges from $100-$200 per application, depending on all three factors mentioned above. 

It’s best that eyelash extension companies will consult with you about what types would be best suited for your eye shape before getting started, so make sure when calling around a professional company.

Types of lash extension styles:


These create a look that is undetectable when viewing them at face value because they blend seamlessly into your own lashes.

The best part is you can wear these on any occasion since it’s not as noticeable as other types of extensions.


Some people like to have their eyes pop, so dramatic style would work for those occasions where you want more attention drawn to your eyes, such as proms, weddings or special events.

This style also works great if you don’t have much time to put on makeup or if you just prefer a more natural look.


These are the most popular style of lashes and come in many different lengths, curls, thicknesses, and colours. You can wear these at any event, whether it is an interview or maybe even your wedding day!

Things to consider while buying eyelash extensions:

Eyelash Extension Cost: 

The cost is dependent on how long you want your lashes and where you live. There are also different types, such as individual or strip, which can affect the price as well since they take a longer time to apply than just applying them individually will.

This is all determined by what would be best for your eyesight and lifestyle because you don’t want any irritation building up from something like this if it’s not right for you!

What To Look For In A Salon: 

When looking for a lash extension company, look at reviews online first before booking an appointment with anyone else so that you know what to expect before you get there.

It’s always a good idea to find out how clean the salon is because they are dealing with your eyes, which can be very delicate and sensitive! You can get the lash extensions online and try them yourself with the help of online tutorials.

Eyelash Extension Quality: 

If you want high-quality lashes, then you should only go to salons that have had years of experience in this type of industry.

Do not settle for anything that’s less than the best when it comes to something as important as your eye health or appearance!

Remember that these extensions tend not to last more than four weeks, so if done correctly, they will need touch ups every month until the lashes grow back on their own.

This may mean having them applied monthly depending on eyelash growth cycle length for each individual person since everyone has different volumes of eyelashes.

The best method to care for your lashes:

Once you have these lashes put on, you want to take care of them as best as possible. You should always touch up the extensions once a month so that they don’t fall out too soon and end up looking sparse in places where there are gaps from missing lashes.

The most essential thing is not damaging your eyelashes with harsh substances like those found in mascara or lash curlers which can be tempting for females who love their makeup routines!

This will cause irreparable damage to your natural eyelashes and may result in more frequent applications over time if worn without care.

Also, keep away from abrasive products when applying eye make-up due to its detrimental effect on both synthetic and real eyelashes alike!


Eyelash extension trends and styles are on the rise. So make sure you try the eyelash extensions out for your next event!

Emily Wilson

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