Denim Vest Outfit Ideas in 2020: Biker Club vs Girls’ Night out

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    If you’re tired of denim jackets try adding a new piece of clothing to your wardrobe – a denim vest. Which one should you choose and what are the bestdenim vest outfits? Well, it all depends on what kind of person you are and what style you prefer to follow. What is it? You say denim vest are out of fashion now and there’s no way one can look trendy wearing them? It’s time to prove you wrong with help of these amazing denim vest outfit ideas!

    Cute Denim Vest Outfits with Girly Stuff

    cute outfits with denim vest

    If you picture a short light blue denim vest then you probably would go for a feminine look rather than a tom boy one. The question is what to wear with denim vests like this and what kind of vest to choose not to look outdated.

    • Plain vests are nice, but if there’s a bit décor like gemstones, sequins or beads the vest’s gonnalook just mesmerizing. You can also pin a brooch or add some beads with your own hands to create a piece of clothes that is completely unique.
    • Light denim colors go well with light hues like white, mint, pale pink or blue while dark denim is perfect for black, navy blue, green, vine and other dark shades. But if you see that this particular combination works for you just go for it!
    • Such vests look amazing both with skirts and dresses and the best thing here is that you don’t have to think too much about the fabrics and colors cause denim is capable of bonding pieces which look completely incompatible. As for pants, just don’t sweat it: unless it’s a pair of jeans you’re gonna look stunning.
    • Pumps are a great idea for cute outfits with denim vests but if it’s not your favorite footwear type then just go for flat sandals or loafers.

    The trickiest thing here is to match a denim vest with jeans, which is a bad idea in the first place to be honest. Too much denim will make you look as if you’ve just time travelled from the 90s so just try to avoid this at any costs. And if at some point you will just have to match them, go for the lightest top and the darkest bottom.

    how to wear denim vest

    Also it would be useful to keep in mind that there’s no need to button down your vest even though there’re buttons on it. In most cases a vest which is buttoned down looks ridiculous, so just use it as a throw-on – this way to wear denim vests is the most common one.

    outfit ideas with denim vest

    Last but not least, when you want to take a break from being all girly and feminine just swap pumps for sneakers, a skirt for sweatpants and your denim vest will still fit it!

    Tip: Regular vests are too boring for you? Then find one with a zipper instead of buttons to feel a little more edgy.

    What to Wear with an Old School Denim Vest

    ways to wear denim vest

    Rigid old school denim vests are oversized and clumsy at the first sight so might feel confused about how to wear denim vests of this kind. Well, all the best options here are the simplest ones.

    • Match this vest with PU leather shorts and a crop top adding shiny slip-ons to look smoking hot for the date you’re heading to.
    • For a subtle look choose a plain long white shirt that’s long enough to double as a dress. As for the footwear a pair of Vans or Converse will do just perfectly here.
    • If you’re going rebellious it doesn’t mean you have to give up high heels: black ankle boots with chunky heels, ripped black skinny pants and a white tee with a print or pattern will make you look both sexy and as if you just don’t care.
    • Don’t forget the accessories: a cap or a hat will add charm to the outfit as well as a flashy bag or sunglasses.

    what to wear with denim vest

    If you think of pairing a rigid denim vest with loose pants and a loose top to reach the ultimate level of old school, choose at least one thing that’s gonna be tight instead of baggy. This way you’ll avoid looking weird and shapeless.

    Denim vest and plaid shurt with black leather pants: it is ideal image for city ​​walks

    Denim vest and striped maxi dress with brown broad brimed hat look sexy and stylish

    Denim vest and leather skinny pants with white converse. It is perfect image for everyday wear

    Denim vest and black maxi dress with black sandals it is an interesting combination

    Denim vest and broad brimed hat with brown gladiators it will always be in style, we are talking about denim, which never goes out of fashion ..

    Denim vest and striped blazer with ivory necklace look stylish and beautiful

    Denim vest and leopard heels with white graphic T-shirt: it is ideal image for home

    Denim vest and striped mini dress with gray fedora hat look sexy and unusually

    Denim vest and black maxi dress with dark brown snood: it is stylish and strictly

    Denim vest and gray bodycon dress with brown sandals, clutch. Outfit is perfect for office

    Denim vest and flower maxi skirt with black top: it is ideal image for city ​​walks

    Denim vest and white maxi skirt with brown bag. Image is extraordinary and unusual



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