Cute Kimono Jacket Outfit Ideas in 2021: it’s Japan that Calls the Shots this Time

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    A kimono jacket is a type of loose throw-on which is not supposed to be zipped or buttoned and usually is either left loose or fastened with a belt like the original kimono. You’ve probably seen it a thousand times but just didn’t know that it’s called this way. Well, now you know and it’s time to find out everything about ways to wear kimono jackets for both casual and fancy looks.

    Best Kimono Jacket Outfits Ever: Try Out these First

    how to wear kimono jacket

    If you’re not sure about what to wear with a kimono jacket use these combinations to feel café and confidence having tried on this new style.

    Kimono jacket outfits are a relatively new trend so they look best with other clothes that are in fashion now: buy a broad-brimmed hat, a crop top, and a high-waist skirt or jeans along with the jacket and you’ll get an integral look most people wouldn’t dare to wear. Because of the amount of stylishness of course.

    looks with kimono jacket

    • If you think of other options on how to wear a kimono jacket just find a dress which accentuates your waist: it’s no good when all the clothes in the ensemble are loose so the dress just has to be either tight or just belted for a feminine look. The length can also make a difference: cute outfits with kimono jackets usually feature either middle length or short skirts and dresses and almost never include really long ones, especially if they’re circular or gypsy.
    • In case you aim for a tomboy look instead try tie-dye shorts, a tank top, and either a semi-transparent or jersey kimono with a decadence print on it. But the problem is kimono jackets add like 50% to your feminine side and it’s gonna be tough to play it down. You might succeed in doing so if you go for slip-on, biker boots, or sneakers instead of sandals and pumps.
    • These heavyweight kimono jacket outfit ideas will probably become a breath of fresh air regarding your office dress code cause they can replace blazers just perfectly. If you find the right color and cut you’ll look way milder than all those fancy suited business ladies do, which we believe is a good thing after all. Pair your jacket with a formal dress, a pencil skirt, and a turtleneck or a blouse and a pair of classy pants. As for footwear, you should definitely go for heels in this case.

    It’s unbelievable that something this universal and simple can come in handy as femininity booster, yet you can see that even the plainest outfits get a charming twist after you add a kimono jacket to it.

    outfits with kimono jacket

    Tip: If you want to look laid-back don’t belt the jacket and on the contrary, if you wanna bring out the curves and look neat and womanly use it to show off your waist and femininity.

    Diverse Kimono Jacket Designs to Choose from

    When you hear “kimono jacket” you probably imagine something that looks like a geisha’s robe and some of the options you can find in stores actually does look a bit like this. Asia inspired ornaments and prints, light fabric, loose sleeves, and trimmed sides will surefire give out the origins of the piece unless it has been modified to look less Japan-like.

    tips kimono jacket

    Heavyweight kimono jackets will both keep you warm and comfy when it’s cold and serve as a nice unusual fashion blazer. Considering all the prints and appliques they come with the process of choosing one you’ll like the most will last for hours. They all look so adorable!

    what to wear with kimono jacket

    Jersey kimono jackets are usually a bit longer and they seldom have exquisite prints or other embellishments. That’s why they’re mostly used as a throw-on with rather casual clothes like denim shorts and a T-shirt or a plain short summer dress.

    Chiffon and silk kimonos are super lightweight and are perfect for beach parties and summer walks protecting you from getting sunburns. Hooray for the kimonos!

    Black floral kimono jacket with fringe and black skinnies. Romantic and cute image.

    Long kimono jacket with floral printed and aquamarine bracelet look sexy and unusually

    White and black kimono jacket with fringe and white blouse: it is strictly and unusual

    White kimono jacket with ethnic printed and short white overalls. Perfect summer image

    White lace kimono jacket and white crop tee with floral shorts. The outfit is perfect for everyday wear

    Red kimono jacket and black shorts with black ankle boots, of course, this image gives some eastern charming and mysterious, which is inherent to women of the East.

    Black chiffon kimono jacket with golden feathers and shorts: it is a cute and romantic image

    Black chiffon kimono jacket and black leather pants. It is a perfect image for everyday wear

    Black lace kimono jacket and white blouse with lace it is an interesting combination

    Black floral kimono jacket and striped bodycon dress. It is perfect for holiday

    Blue and white kimono jacket with tassel and blue jeans: it is an ideal image for home

    Floral kimono jacket and a golden necklace with a clutch. Image is extraordinary and unusual


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