Culottes Outfits: not Only Models Can Pull it Off

Is it a skirt? Or maybe pants? Or shorts? No ladies, these are culottes and we can perfectly understand why you’re feeling uncertain about getting a pair: most pictures you can find on the internet are either from fashion photoshoots or when it comes to street style they feature model-like girls who seem to be real fashionistas.

What about ordinary people with different body types and busy work schedules? Can we pull it off? Well, that is the question.

Cute Outfits with Culottes: Play Classy

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Before we go on to talk about what to wear with culottes, it’s kinda important to understand the distinctive features this piece of clothes has to understand what kind of looks you’ll be able to put together.

  • First and foremost: culottes have a high waist which is supposed to show, so if you are still on the way to perfect abs, you’ll probably get discouraged by that fact.
  • What’s more, most culottes designs go for classy pants fabric such as wool and heavyweight cotton or linen. It’ll take you a while to find light cotton, jersey or chiffon summer culottes so you’d better start looking for them right now.
  • And on top of that despite culottes have super loose cut they will show all the imperfections of your belly and hips, so be careful about that.
  • BTW culottes length actually makes your legs look shorter, but the high waist and heels will make them look even longer! If it doesn’t make any sense to you just look at these cute culottes outfits.
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So how to wear culottes to look smoking hot? Well, the best option here is to play classy! A matching plain crop top will do the trick whether it’s a piece of the culottes suit or a random top that you wear on a regular basis.

As for the shoes… well with culottes you just can’t find a way around high heels. Pointed-toes are our favorites, but you can go with carrot heels and stiletto sandals as well.

Can you wear these cute culottes outfits at the office? Highly doubt that unless you put on a blazer or something. Can you use this classy look to attract tons of attention just walking around the city? Hell yeah!

If you’re dying to wear a pair of culottes to work, just pick your favorite shirt or blouse and tuck it in! Body shirts will make it much easier and prevent the top from lumping after being tucked.

Culottes Outfits for Those Who Crave More Freedom

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Thinking about fancy ways to wear culottes all the time might be exhausting so we’ve found simpler culottes outfit ideas you can try on the days you don’t feel like putting on high heels or anything too tight.

Pair them with any kind of flats for a casual and comfy look. It can be a pair of white sneakers or trendy sandals and even oxfords and flip-flops will do.

Just keep in mind that culottes WILL mess up with your leg length so just try to pick the pair that’s gonna look nice on you.

Also, culottes length might vary from just-below-the knee to right-above-the-ankle so you want to have a fitting and avowing buying these from the net to make sure you got the best option possible.

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Need tips on what to choose for a top? You’re not gonna believe it but plain loose tees make for really cute culottes outfits ever! Think it’s a bit too dull?

Then catchy accessories will help you out. You can also go for tops with creative prints that will bring out your personality.

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Getting cold? Then we suggest pairing culottes with a loose sweater or a leather jacket above a regular top.

It’s not crucial to show the high waist if you’ve chosen to wear flats cause that will create a laid-back look we’re aiming at. We can’t forbid you to tuck tops in either though so feel free to experiment with your unique style.

Pink culottes with white sandals and white crop tee. Image is extraordinary and unusual.

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Black culottes with a striped T-shirt and white converse look sexy and stylish.

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Dark blue culottes with a white striped blazer and beige pumps: it is stylish and strictly.

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White culottes with a white lace crop tee and beige heels look courage and unusually.

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Black culottes and white crop top and leopard heels: it is a perfect image for a romantic date.

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Camel suede culottes with a black cardigan and black bag is a very unusual and extravagant image.

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Black culottes and jeans jacket with black pumps look stylish and beautiful.

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Jean’s culottes with a white T-shirt and black sandals: it is an ideal image for city ​​walks.

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Dark gray culottes with a blanket scarf and a white button-up shirt. Romantic and cute image.

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Brown printed culottes with a white button-up shirt: it is an ideal image for office and city ​​walks.

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Black culottes with a biker jacket and white converse: it is strictly and unusual.

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Light brown culottes with a biker jacket and print heels. It is a perfect image for everyday wear.

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