Country Girl Style: Outfits & Tips

Fashion country style is a style of clothing, which is characterized by simplicity and convenience.

Initially, they called farm style date for Central America, it is the classic jeans, cowboy hats, brown shirt, etc., in short, what many are accustomed to wearing in the country or outside the city during the holidays. Also popular checkered and small floral patterns.

Over time, this style was a bit altered, transformed, and became more refined, add interesting elements to the fringe accessories, scrapes, etc. Currently, there are several areas of style:

  • English;
  • American;
  • French.

As decorative elements are the wooden or metal buttons, as well as fringe, patches, lace, embroidery, and homespun lace. Country style and western style are very similar to each other.

Cowboy style –it is blue jeans, cowboy boots and wide-brimmed hat, flannel shirt in a cage, suede jacket with fringe, skirts, blouses, and dresses decorated with homespun lace, wide leather belts with buckles and more.

We can say that a country is a more feminine style at the time, as cowboy style implies a more “aggressive” male image.

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American Country Style Outfits

American modern country style is the most popular at the moment. It is delightful in its simplicity.

Many details of the images were borrowed from the cowboys and Indians. Basically it is the colors of clothes, accessories, hairstyles, and make-up for women.

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Wild West we associate with:

  • wide-brimmed hat;
  • bell-bottoms or straight jeans are worn with effect;
  • shoulder bag, often decorated with fringe, rivets, or the various rock attributes;
  • large shoes (boots Cossacks, boots, boots);
  • cowboy jeans, they are often seen in advertising brand Levis`s, they are characterized by a spacious cut and big pockets;
  • checkered prints.

The cell – a trademark of American country girl style – stylers, they wear it everywhere, but most often justified on the print shirts.

All bags are becoming more popular with long fringe, they coined the Indian is that so decorated all the clothes. But, of course, the main thing – it’s the shoes.

It attracts attention with its naturalness, in Western-style films can often be seen, as the girls roam the streets in boots with asterisks.

Also, note the very interesting options – wide boots without zippers, they are perfect for girls who do not like laces or perforation.

If we talk about summer models, you can opt for sandals with bindings as safari, ethno-models, or shoes on low wide heel brown, black, or “shabby ” color.

English country style

English country style is more stringent than the US, largely to blame for climate, it is more cold and damp, it nicely demonstrates the children’s clothing and men.

Farmers had to adapt to the weather conditions, both for work and for leisure. From this emerged the basic elements of English country style:

  • vest with pockets, jacket;
  • brody or oxfords (high, low heels – party, without a heel – workers);
  • round hat made ​​of felt;
  • small shoulder bags without decorative elements, for the most part even without fasteners.

The basis is the English country style  – simplicity and rationality. Shoes should be tight to warm her owner, but at the same time, care must be taken to it quickly dried up (as you will recall, in England a very damp climate). Therefore, oxfords are a frequently used models of shoes.

Vests lend elegance to men and women of elegance, in addition, they warm complement any look and easy to do with his hands. In cold weather, wear parks instead.

Complemented by all the most assorted different hats. In good weather, suitable models of light, for example, of straw or paper, but rainy and cool days is better to prefer warm woolen or felt-model.

They are not only clothes look more respectable, but any look becomes mysterious and interesting.

How to Dress French Country Style

French country style takes its naturalness. It was his exploit many celebrities, with the youth clothing can attract attention on the street, to become a star of any evening. And many French go in this form even at the reception.

The story of this trend in France has its roots in the days of Provence. When the girls wore tight corsets and loose skirt. This style was modified over the centuries, but some elements were left to our time:

  • corsets (and also borrowed the German rustic style);
  • clothes made ​​of linen, cotton, with natural embroidery, meet the definition of territory, ornaments;
  • blouses with sleeves – bells, lace, ruffles.

In modern fashion rustic style came in the 70s of the last century. Occasionally stylized country things have appeared in collections of fashion designers.

Usually, the clothes in a country girl style have a specific application, mainly for leisure and free time. But this style is not the case, it is so democratic, practical, and varied that will work in every situation.

The clothes in this style can be worn almost constantly, and there are options for both work and party.

“Sidereal time” for the country-style began in 2009, when the fashion designer Isabel Marant introduced its sensational collection, dominated by “rural” motives– plaid dress, wide leather straps, open white blouse and soft suede boots.

The trend picked up by fashion house D & G, Saint Laurent, Acne, Ralph Lauren – starting in 2010, country style is experiencing a remarkable recovery.

It should be noted that for women in this area are allocated two trends: the image of “Cowboy” – a bold and desperate girl who can shut a man ‘s belt in his ability to control the horse and shoot a Colt and a romantic and charming “cowboy girlfriends”.

If the first character of a brutal item of clothing, the latter will prefer flying fabrics and feminine silhouettes.

Are you still thinking about how to dress country style? Dress in the style of country music can be any girl or woman that fits the spirit of freedom and independence, adventure, and romance.

The woman chose this style, confident, dynamic and itself decide. Ironically, style, full of romantic elements suitable not cutesy ladies and ladies’ strong spirit. Because it is such were his pioneer of – Girl of a Wild West.

In the country-style outfits shoes were also the most practical and convenient, so the pointy noses, cowboy boots with embroidery like never better suited to this style.

But for women, are ideal shoes, sandals or sandals with lacing strap or high heels.

More outfits in country style:

Teal green dress with taupe cowboy boots look stylish and beautiful.

Country Girl Style Outfits & Tips green dressPin

Straw hat and cowboy boots with a lace dress. The outfit is perfect for holiday.

straw hat and boots in French country stylePin

Leopard purse and country boots and black fedora: it is an ideal image for city ​​walks.

leopard purse and country bootsPin

Graphic printed cardigan with cowboy boots. Romantic and cute image.

country style girl outfitPin

Gauze mini skirt with the jean shirt in country style in this outfit harmoniously sense of taste real lady and rustic simplicity.

how to wear gauze skirt in French country stylePin

Denim shirt with snood and cowboy boots look sexy and unusually.

how to wear denim country stylePin

Boho jacket with ripped shorts in country style: it is strictly and unusual.

boho jacket in American country stylePin

Boho dress with country boots and blue necklace. The outfit is perfect for everyday wear.

boho dress with country bootsPin

White maxi lace skirt and denim shirt in country style: it is a cute and romantic image.

white maxi lace skirt in country stylePin

Tweed jacket with dark blue skinny and riding boots. It is a perfect image for everyday wear.

tweed jacket in English country stylePin

Cream dress and turquoise cowboy boots it is an interesting combination.

girl in white country stylePin

Brown cowboy boots and terracotta snood: it is an ideal image for home.

cowboy boots and terracota snoodPin
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