Christmas & New year Party Outfit Ideas

A pleasant ending of a long working year is a new year’s corporate party. Many of us prepare for it more carefully than for the new year’s eve itself.

It is very important to make a good impression on colleagues and superiors, because this can directly affect your career.

A well-chosen outfit may well help you move up the career ladder. Don’t believe me? Then it’s time to find out what to wear for party and test the theory in practice!

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Christmas party in a restaurant or cafe

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There is a specific dress code for going to a restaurant. It is perfect for a new year’s corporate party, so you should not break it.

A trip to a restaurant with colleagues is a great occasion to show yourself in all its glory: in a beautiful cocktail dress and shoes with a daring stiletto.

A perfect choice is a set of a full skirt and blouse or an evening top. This is not only a more stylish and modern option, but also very practical.

After all, during a series of holiday parties, each item can be completed with different clothes, creating new and new images.

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For a new year’s corporate party, you can choose an evening dress. Just consider the degree of its “solemnity”.

What is appropriate for a national event is unlikely to be appropriate, even in the most chic restaurant. Also, don’t forget about the one-accent rule.

Either the dress has a deep neckline or an open back, or a high neckline at the hem. For corporate events, this rule is more than appropriate.

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Christmas party in the office

What to wear to a party in the office? If your team decided to celebrate new year in the office, this is not a reason to come to it in your daily work kit.

However, an evening dress will not be appropriate. A stylish jumpsuit is the perfect solution for this occasion.

The original boiler dress is also well suited for corporate events in the office. It can have an interesting finish, eye-catching details, or a print.

Do not abuse the cleavage and mini length, it is better to pay attention to your colleagues for your personal unique style.

A suit, pantsuit or skirt is another good option for an event. Just choose an evening, holiday set. Complete the costume with an evening top with sequins, shiny shoes or a purse.

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Club/bowling/karaoke party

A new year’s corporate party in a cafe, club, bowling alley or karaoke requires an appropriate outfit for the institution.

Bright bold images are suitable for such establishments. However, remember that you will have fun in the company of your colleagues, superiors or subordinates.

The boldness of the outfit should consist in original design or stylistic solutions, not in explicit mini and cleavage.

For a new year’s party in a club or cafe, a dress, top or skirt with sequins is perfect. Let the shining clothes be as simple as possible, but modern style.

Do not try to “get younger”, but also visually add age with unnecessary decorations is also not worth it. What should I wear to a bowling party?

For a trip to the bowling alley, stylish cropped trousers and a bright evening top or blouse are suitable. For obvious reasons, don’t wear a mini to the bowling alley.

Many women realize that they made a mistake in choosing an outfit only when they come to the edge of the track to make the first throw.

If you still want to wear a skirt or dress, stop at a full skirt length just below the knees. Young girls can wear this fashionable skirt is made of tulle.

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For karaoke, a boiler dress with an original element is suitable, for example, asymmetric sleeves or a different-sized hem.

If you are going to Shine all evening on stage, or participate in a corporate scenario, do not choose too tight dress with deep cutouts and cleavage.

Pay attention to stylish pantsuits with jackets in men’s style. Wearing this jacket on a top in linen style, and adding the image of pumps with heels, you will emphasize your femininity, without exposing any part of the body.

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What to wear to an official corporate Christmas  event

Large corporations often organize official events with a specific dress code. Most likely, it will be voiced or written in the invitation.

That’s what you need to stick to. Many women are so excited before such a corporate event that they choose old-fashioned shapeless dresses in black.

The problem is not in the color, it is important that the style emphasizes the dignity of your figure and does not go beyond the specified dress code.

Pay attention to the sheath dress that is slightly below the knees. It should be made of a dense, opaque fabric, then it will not emphasize the flaws of the figure.

If necessary, wear shapewear. It is better not to wear trousers to an official event, this is one of the few cases when you can show your colleagues your feminine side and excellent taste.

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What to wear for a new year’s corporate party for women 40-50 years old

It is important for ladies of an elegant age to choose fashionable modern styles. This does not mean that you should try to look younger with short dresses or deep cutouts.

You should also give up shapeless knitwear dresses, dresses with hangers and animal prints. How to dress for a new year’s corporate party? 

An evening jumpsuit will be a stylish replacement for a dress. Choose a figure-fitting style, but not overly tight.

Let the trousers be slightly loose or flared. You can also choose fashionable Palazzo trousers for a special event.

You can complement them with an evening blouse or a white shirt. The second one can be decorated with a stylish brooch or necklace made of large natural stones.

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If your figure allows, you can choose a MIDI-length cocktail dress. Don’t be afraid of bright things, such as sequins.

Shine is best placed away from the face. A pencil skirt with sequins will be perfect. Complete it with a simple plain “top”: a black blouse or a white shirt.

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In addition to the fact that the outfit should be beautiful and unusual, it should be comfortable. If you feel awkward in high heels and a tight skirt, it is better not to risk and leave such an exit for meeting with friends.

When trying to impress your colleagues, always be yourself. This is the most valuable quality!

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