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The career of British model Cara Delevingne, fashion style icon of our generation, is the dream of any girl, whose life is connected to the podium: the rapid and highly successful.

In addition to her memorable, distinctive appearance, Cara there is something far more valuable than long legs and expressive eyes – this is a real charm and charisma.

It all started with the cooperation with the world-famous – the online shop for footwear, apparel, and accessories.

Delevingne was a model, display, as well as many other colleagues, the range of things from asos. Then came the landmark period Burberry, a person is punishable by up to now.

Comparing it with other models, the popularity of which is about the same, Cara stands against the background of his smiling, carefree, and obviously teen spirit.

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Until she puts on high heels, while her pretty face does not acquire other features by make-up, it clearly reigns hooligan mood, unique street style, and enthusiasm.

Most often it is Cara Delevingne vengeance hamming for the cameras, expertly mowing only one eye.

Always friendly, always cheerful, spontaneous, she did not like the models that sometimes in life remain the same poker face, as on the catwalk.

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Cara Delevingne: Looks that Rock!

Jeans, skinny leather pants, loose trousers, laconic shirts, Tshirts with inscriptions extravagant and brutal black leather jackets, colorful bombersthe most favorite Cara Delevingne clothing style for every day. In color, clothes models are very discreet.

The daily mischievous rebel Cara looks contains mostly black, gray, and white colors.

However, Cara does not waive bright prints in the form of green plaid pants on, colorful ironic drawings on jumpers, and gold rocker on the bomber.

In addition, this naughty beauty loves to wear an orange, blue, dark blue, green knit cap, black or white reverse caps, and a la men’s hats.

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For leather trousers and jeans, Cara Delevingne prefers to wear sneakers and rough boots Army Style.

As accessories to the image of a top model choose leather backpacks or bulky bags with a variety of metal ornaments and multicolored glasses in a frame.

Cara Delevingne outfits with suit Pin

But on the red carpet, social events (and now – and in Victoria’s Secret runway as the newly created angel) Cara Delevingne styles turn into an image of the graceful icon of beauty with the habits of a cat.

Heavily made-up eyes and shiny, smoothly coiffed hair, supplemented luxurious dress, really changed her posture, and look, and miners.

In this case, her style description doesn’t have the word “hooligan” anymore. Instantly disappears naughty girl from the neighborhood, and there is a luxury charismatic diva. This is its specificity, the ability to change.

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In most cases, in everyday life and Cara choose between displays a simple total black or black-n-white, wears tight jeans and short leather jacket, do not use makeup and not wearing heels.

Yet, compared to other models, it does not look like everyone else, it is thanks to the incredible inner light and some net positive energy it emits.

If you ask style tips Cara Delevingne, she would say that the secret to a harmonious coexistence of elements of sport, grunge, sveg. Or just grimaced one of her charming grimaces!

More outfit ideas from Cara Delevingne:

Cara Delevingne in red sweater and Bordeaux capri pants. The outfit is perfect for everyday wear.

Cara Delevingne in red sweaterPin

Cara Delevingne in an oversize sweater and high waisted jeans shows us how to harmoniously combine cockiness and femininity.

Cara Delevingne in oversize sweaterPin

Cara Delevingne in an orange beanie and army green jacket. It is a perfect image for everyday wear.

Cara Delevingne in orange beaniePin

Cara Delevingne in a light green dress by Burberry: it is a cute and romantic image.

Cara Delevingne in light green dressPin

Cara Delevingne in high waisted shorts and striped top. Perfect summer image.

Cara Delevingne in high waisted shortsPin

Cara Delevingne in high thigh socks and blue trainers. Image is extraordinary and unusual.

Cara Delevingne in high thigh socksPin

Cara Delevingne in dark green peplum top looks sexy and stylish.

Cara Delevingne in green peplum topPin

Cara Delevingne in a black and white gingham suit: it is stylish and strictly.

Cara Delevingne in gingham suitPin

Cara Delevingne in cocktail dress with stars looks courage and unusually.

Cara Delevingne in dress with starsPin

Cara Delevingne in burgundy ballets and gray T-shirt: it is a perfect image for a romantic date.

Cara Delevingne in burgundy balletsPin

Cara Delevingne in a blue lace top and silk pants looks stylish and beautiful.

Cara Delevingne in blue lace topPin

Cara Delevingne in a black bodycon dress and nude coat. The outfit is perfect for holiday.

Cara Delevingne in black dressPin
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