What to Wear with Black and White Striped Pants?

If you are tired of your old boring and plain pants – choose new for amazing outfits: the most striking, striped, beautiful, and unreal.

Of course, not every girl will be decided on such a step – it’s still a tricky thing to which you need to carefully pick up the rest. But the main thing – to start, and the rest will follow.

Let’s look at women’s fashion on black and white striped pants: what to wear, how to choose, and that the rage.

Before thinking about what to wear with them, they need to first acquire. The strips can play a cruel joke with you – they are suitable for all types of shapes, but still, there are some pitfalls.

For example, the slender girl can afford to do what you like stripes.

Thin is better to abandon the vertical stripes – they will look even thinner, better to give preference to horizontal lines. They will make a figure slimmer and proportionally.

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Black and white striped trousers with vertical stripes better to choose a female modestly overweight – it will not only hide the extra inches, but in general will make the image of a spectacular and memorable, and you add a couple of centimeters of growth.

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Black and white striped trousers: outfits and tips

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So determined – who, what bands are longer, but do not forget that they may be broad and narrow. Here, too, has its own peculiarities – wide strips give extra volume and legs, and thighs.

Thin – have the opposite effect, so this caveat should also be considered when choosing striped trousers.

You should select only the top monotonous as prints and drawings are difficult to combine with black and white striped trousers (though still possible).

The vertical strip is considered to be a pattern that is able to visually make your legs slimmer. This is true if we are not talking about the dimensionless trouser leg-bags. We consider the more classic versions.

Only very confident in their proportions of women can afford to combine striped trousers and a horizontal striped top.

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Searching for what to wear black and white striped pants can help out:

  • Coral: blouse, shirt, or jacket. Well, if the buttons or finish products will be white. You can choose in this case, a large band of white.
  • For blue or blue bar you can pick up top: gray, pink, blue, or cream.
  • Black and white striped pants coupled with an orange blouse – it’s just fireworks.
  • Ankle boots can be combined quite well with pants or classic genre tapering.
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It should be noted that the shoes and bag should make the most discreet, not bright, and simple form. If the strip on the trousers is not so bright, and black color dominates much easier to pick up top.

It may even be the bright vibrant colors of purple, yellow to rich. Only to the work do not go in this outfit.

It is possible to offer a bold version of the predominance of white stripes. Bright red accessories, bright red top or something white, but with red trim and a red belt. Try!

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More outfits with striped pants:

Wide striped pullover with striped trousers look courage and unusually.

wide striped pullover with striped trousersPin

Striped pants with a teal green blouse. Image is extraordinary and unusual.

striped pants with teal green blousePin

Striped pants with a striped button-up shirt look sexy and unusually.

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Red and white striped pants with red flats: it is strictly and unusual.

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Striped trousers with red heels and a white blouse. The outfit is perfect for office.

how to wear striped trousers with red heelsPin

Striped bell-bottoms and midnight blue blazer. It is perfect for holiday.

how to wear striped bell bottomsPin

Striped leggings with black leather jacket and creepers — original and unforgettable outfit that instantly cuts into the memory of everyone around.

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Blue and white striped pants with a graphic tee: it is an ideal image for city ​​walks.

blue and white striped pants with graphic teePin

Black and white striped pants with a graphic printed top. It is perfect for holiday.

black and white striped pants with graphic printed topPin

Black and white striped pants with emerald blouse look stylish and beautiful.

black and white striped pants with emerald blousePin

Colored striped pants with white top look courage and unusually.

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Striped pants with a black crop top and fedora hat: it is a perfect image for a romantic date.

black and white striped pants with fedora hatPin
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