Baltic Fashion Scenes That Need to Be Recognized

Nobody ever really seems to be talking about Baltic or Eastern Scandinavian fashion scenes, but we certainly should be!

These small countries still have their own fashion norms and trends that have yet to be discovered fully by the world.

Here is how the fashion scene is in each major city in the Baltic or Eastern Scandinavian countries:


Helsinki fashionPin

Technology and ultra-sustainability rule in Helsinki. Even before the pandemic, Helsinki was ahead of the game when it comes to virtual shows and the reduced global footprint of digital events vs. live fashion events.

Brands here inspect supply chains and business models to ensure that they are fitting the holistic approach to fashion.

Sustainability efforts are becoming more popular throughout the global fashion scene, but Helsinki deserves the recognition for not only it’s incredible fashion scene but also its commitment to sustainability.


tallin fashionPin

Estonia is the smallest of the Baltic countries, and Tallinn is the beautiful capital with cobblestone streets and medieval city walls.

Tallinn is easy to reach from Helsinki thanks to the Helsinki Tallinn Tunnel, so you can get here rather easily.

Perhaps inspired by the small country feel, local designers are very popular here. You’ll see some classic global brands here, but especially if you visit here and have the opportunity to shop locally here, that is the way to go!

The fashion scene reflects the seasons here, especially with such cold winters!


Riga fashionPin

In Riga, the fashion is similar to Western Europe. The street fashion is highly seasonal, with more ‘glitzy’ female fashion and a lot of sportswear for men.

Since the winter season brings about heavy snow and winter coats, summer is more so the time to play with fashion and creative expression through fashion.

If you have the opportunity to visit Riga, you can visit the Fashion Museum for a hands-on experience for fashion over the centuries.

– Vilnus

Vilnus fashionPin

Located between Western Europe and Russia, Lithuania has its own distinct history and voice which is illustrated through its fashion.

The fashion personality here in Vilnus is more reserved than in many other Northern European countries, and the primary color you’ll see in the fashion world here is black, all shades of black.

Casual clothes are the trend here, with pops of color and/or fun pieces to keep things interesting! Some popular fashion labels here are: Atsikeli ir varai, Egyboy, and Nosleep.

These major cities each have something beautiful to contribute to the global fashion stage, whether through small brands, Amber jewelry, or dark, heavy pieces.

While every place has its own unique add to the fashion world, these smaller countries certainly have their own contribution that are each worth paying attention to!

Emily Wilson

Author: Emily Wilson

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