What to Wear with Black Skinny Jeans? 15 Cute Outfits

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    black skinny jeansMore often than girls when choosing skinny jeans selected models of classic shades, but no less popular today are considered to be skinny jeans, black. Jeans a variety of colors allow to achieve, starting and finishing from the monochrome motley and elegant ensembles.

    Jeans, skinny black always will look good in the company of long and loose tunic that will be great to balance the silhouette. To create a refined and feminine set slide with narrow black jeans black blouse made of silk or thin translucent tunic similar hue. As a result, you get a very interesting outfit, designed in one color. To this outfit did not seem boring, be sure to add gold ornaments or jewelry metal shade. It may be, for example, gold bracelets or chains that successfully help to cope with the task. Shoes and handbag here can be picked up red or a beautiful burgundy color.

    Outfits with Black Skinny Jeans

    Choosing tunic with bright multi-colored print, you will have the opposite of the image that will be more playful and unobtrusive than evening. Tunica in this case can be both sleeves, and without them.

    Outfits with Black Skinny Jeans

    With black skinny jeans easier to form the ensemble than with jeans blue. What to wear with black skinny jeans to office or date? Are included with skinny jeans, a blazer, you can create images not only for everyday work, but also for evening events. Starting, for example, on a date, you can wear black skinny with a simple in cut top white blazer and light pastel shades. It will be good also to wear black or dark brown leather pants with beige sweater and nude pumps.

    What to Wear with Black Skinny Jeans

    For office can give preference to dark blue or gray blazer, wearing a silk blouse or with some simple pattern or a solid color top. Black blazer, combined with black jeans, does business and strict way. Blouse or shirt light shade will help a little to dilute the austerity and monochrome of the image.

    Black Skinny Jeans What to Wear

    It is interesting to look skinny jeans with elongated T-shirts in the style of boyfriend. To emphasize the waist line can be wearing a narrow belt. T-shirt is desirable to fill casually in jeans front, leaving the back part of it free. Choose a t-shirt made ​​of soft fabric for everyday outfits, and for more festive fit silk products with a V-neck. From accessories here well-fit chain around his neck and shoes. In cool weather, you can combine T-shirt with a jacket in the style of rock.

    Black Skinny Jeans for office

    Also, with skinny jeans look great long cardigan neutral or catchy shades. Under the cardigan can wear a T-shirt or turtleneck. In addition, free cardigan can be worn with a T-shirt cut free by providing a thin waist belt. Leather boots with a low speed or a low heel will make the image more and more comfortable every day.

    Black Skinny Jeans for date

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