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There’re few folk patterns which haven’t been in fashion yet: everything from Scottish clan plaid through tribal motifs to oriental ornaments… Everything is as...
What to wear with rain boots
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It might be inappropriate to wear rain boot in sunny weather but when the rain season kicks in we all start thinking of ways...
Denim vest outfit ideas
0 190
If you’re tired of denim jackets try adding a new piece of clothing to your wardrobe – a denim vest. Which one should you...
Yoga pants outfit ideas
0 358
Say, someone asked you what to wear with yoga pants for a party or a date. You’d probably think they’re crazy and this would...
Top ways to wear denim shirts
0 625
Let’s face it: denim shirt outfitsis not what you’d pick to make an impression. Too informal for the office, too simple for partying and...
Cute outfits with sweatpants
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Sweatpants might take over the fashion world really soon. Why not: they’re both comfy and nice looking especially if you know what to wear...
What to wear with timberlands
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Being one of the most distinctive footwear brands  has earned genuine customer love all around the world in in record time. In need for...
How to wear long skirts
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We all know that long skirts are back in fashionbut a lot has changed since last time they were this popular. In fact most...
White jeans outfit ideas
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Unlike white summer pants white jeans can contribute to both subtle and rebellious looks: that’s one piece of your wardrobe where what you pair...
What to wear with oxford shoes
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You’ll definitely recognize oxford shoes even if you’ve never had a pair yourself: classy style, tiny perforated holes making ornaments and specific lacing have...
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