15 Outfits With Button up Shirt

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    button up shirt

    Probably, it is difficult to come up with another of the same universal garment as a shirt. Girls have long worn the shirt, not only with the costumes as part of the office and business style. They have adapted them for everyday wear and combine with a large number of styles, textures and styles. Today especially popular are outfits with button up shirt. Such clothing adds tenderness, fragility and sexy charming female body, and the lines become more graceful and feminine.

    How to Wear a Button Up Shirt

    Well, of course, the most banal option for a girl to wear a button up shirt with a pencil skirt. This combination is perfect as an office uniforms. But with the advent of mass society in love lush skirts became clear that a simple white shirt it is also the very safe and secure way that allows you to enter in your wardrobe most extravagant skirt. White button up shirt can be worn with skirts and maxi length, or even with camo high waisted shorts! This option is ideal for creating evening chic images.

    How to Wear a Button Up Shirt

    You can wear a shirt with trousers. Unspoken rule basic wardrobe reads: to make any outfit stunning, combine jeans with a simple white shirt and studs. And really — well-fitting jeans and a white shirt dress makes an elegant and relaxed at the same time.

    How to Wear a Button Up Shirt with Skirts

    Of course, in combination with classic trousers, shirt also creates a fresh and elegant way. You can wear a shirt and bell bottoms. And combined with skinny jeans.

    How to Wear a Button Up Shirt Trousers

    How to wear a button up shirt with shorts? Another rule tells us that the more open one part of the body, the stronger must be closed another. For example, deep cleavage not make friends with a mini-skirt. Therefore it is recommended to wear short shorts with shirts. It is now fashionable to say, to reduce the degree of sexuality.

    Button Up Shirt Dresses in Multilayer

    Outfits With Button up Shirt andTrousers

    Combine the button up shirt with a sweater it is a classic dress style preppy. It can be worn as a plain and plaid shirt, and over them are sweaters and jackets. Combine these layered outfits as you can with jeans as well as with classical or short trousers.

    button up shirt and shorts

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