Colors that Go with Silver

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    What is the color silver and what matching colors you can wear with it? This is a beautiful, cold brilliant hue, in which elegance perfectly matches with inaccessibility.

    colors that go with silverThe most popular colors that go with silver are:

    • lime green (to make a playful look);
    • grey or pale blue (to support the color scheme but to calm glitter);
    • black (for a strong contrast).

    Color schemes with them let create really great combinations, if you want your clothes go well with each other.

    Silver has been generally thought of as an additional shade for accessories or a sparkling detail that enhances other colors. But nowadays it is self-existent and used in the quality of a basic one. When the proportion of it to other colors is increased, you should be sure that it matches your complexion and shade of eyes and hair by analogy with grey, perhaps. If you want to be modern and urban, combine it with various complementary hues of grey and blue. The whole outfit made of such shades will be extremely cold and fresh, goes well with evening dress.

    Olivia Palermo, for example, knows how to combine silver heel sandals with camo high waisted shorts.

    what colors go with Silver

    What Color Goes with Silver: Outfits

    In general this color is very contextual so it is not easy to decide what color goes with silver goes well with the event. Still if you want to create a neutral color combo you can mix it with black or cool beige to create a neutral image and to escape blending that is possible with grey.


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