Colors that Go with Light Gray

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    What is the color light gray and what matching colors you can wear with it? This is a very trendy shade, which is an excellent framework for creation of numerous successful color combos and fashionable outfits.

    colors that go with light grayThe most popular colors that go with light gray:

    • Pink
    • Indigo
    • Yellow

    Color schemes with them let create really great combinations, if you want your clothes go well with each other.

    From the point of view of psychology, people who choose clothes light gray color, quite calm and balanced. As a rule, they are not prone to rash decisions and analyze the situation carefully before making important decisions. But on the other hand, the gray preferences may indicate fatigue and inner restlessness, desire to settle it with such a neutral color. Of course, such characteristics of a person can be quite arbitrary.

    For matches with light grey qually important is the texture of the tissue from which the gray product is made. Light grays better to buy dresses and tops on the straps, sewn lace or light silk fabric.

    One of the advantages of gray clothing is that it is suitable for women with almost any type of figure, as well as wonderfully combined with other colors of clothes and accessories. It can be used both in business and everyday manner and in evening dress.

    what colors go with Light Gray

    This is an good base for creating stylish and very bright images. It is safe to say that anyone who does not like gray, just do not know how to wear it.

    The combination of pink and light gray color can already be considered a classic. In this case, pink gives to gray a little levity and lightness, in some cases, a bit of fun and sophistication.  For the business image, you can use a matches of light gray and dark blue colors.

    What Color Goes with Light Gray: Outfits


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